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Climbing community assists villages - updated

Posted: May 02, 2015 04:06 am EDT


(Correne Coetzer, updated May 2, 2015, 10:39 am with Adrian Hayes and Amical's contribution)


Villages in the epicenter of the earthquake are still in need for help. Nepal government says they need more helicopters to get to the remote areas. The border between Nepal and China at Kodari is closed due to extensive damage there. Daniel Mazur reported his Everest North and Cho Oyo teams had to reroute via Lhasa. 


Climbers and Trekkers in the mountains are stepping in with assistance in the villages. Davide Peluzzi, George Basch, Johan Ernst Nilson, IMG, and more, sent over news about their projects: 




Italian climber and medical doctor, Davide Peluzzi, has done extensive climbing and humanitarian work in the Rolwaling area. “It is not just a tragedy for Kathmandu and Everest,” Davide stated, "but even more for the villages in the hinterland, destroyed completely and without any help or voice... Totally ignored by the media and governments. As the village of Gorkha in Burhi Gandaki... [image left] A number of 25.000.000 (million) live outside the doors of Kathmandu.”


He appeals for help and action in the current situations in the Rolwaling area, where he plans to go in October. Davide’s fundraising details for the people in Rolwaling can be checked here.


Mingma Sherpa of Ascent Himalayas Treks & Expedition, writes on Facebook, "Just got the news from my village Rolwaling, [the earthquake] has affected lot of people there. Many houses are destroyed and people are lacking food and water supply there.There has been lot of snow. As its very remote area and also the home of sherpas, we are fundraising to help out the people there."


Himalaya Stove Project


George Basch, "Chief Cook” at Himalaya Stove Project has two immediate-relief programs:


#1 - Providing immediate relief and reconstruction help to Gumpa Village, Sindapulchowk and Megre Village, Ramachamp


#2 - Providing immediate relief, in partnership with other organizations, to people who don’t have “the basics” food and water


The two above mentioned villages sustained extensive damage – virtually all the homes have been destroyed and many people were killed. "Our concern now is for their protection from the elements and the amount of food that they have access to – both communities live from hand to mouth and as per the tradition all food materials would be stored in the houses, and presumably that is now either destroyed or contaminated."


Irish Polar skier and climber, Mike O’Shea act as an Ambassador for the Himalayan Stove Project. Donations can be made here


Tsum Valley - trekkers active


Dhawa Gyanjen Tsumba reported that all trekking routes are blocked due to the recent massive earthquake. They are waiting for rescue teams. There are 31 tourists from different countries such as Austria, America, Russia, Canada, Spain, France, Vietnam and more in the area. They are safe and are now involved in social services to clear passages, cleaning litter and helping local people in needed.


International Mountain Guides (IMG)


IMG team members are currently helping out in Phortse, where many of their sherpa team live. "We intend to help support the IMG sherpas who have done such a great job supporting our IMG teams on the mountain, by providing money and support for specific projects. This is charity work at on small scale, local and accountable. If you would like to assist, please send a check made payable to IMG and include a note on the memo line indicating that it is for the IMG Sherpa Fund.”


Johan Ernst Nilson


The Swedish explorer was also on his way to climb, but is now assisting in the villages. He is co-operating with the Red Cross for fundraising. Donate here.


Irish Seven Summits


Check Paul Devaney and the team's pages for their fundraising effort


Irish Seven Summits on Facebook 

Irish website


Thomas Laemmle and Amical team


[Updated May 2, 2015, 10:39] Thomas and Amical-Alpin team (Cho Oyo) contributed $1,500 to their Sherpas to repair their houses. They will be flying out via Lhasa, and added, "The major problem will be the transport of expedition equipment to Kathmandu - we road via Zangmuh and Kodari will not be open in the next years! A new road is planned via Langtang Himal."


Adrian Hayes


He attempted Makalu and reports, “Nepal is a country dear to my heart - from my eight years as a Gurkha officer, speaking Nepalese and knowing the country intimately from serving here on welfare treks and recruit selection or visiting for numerous mountaineering expeditions.”


"As such, I decided days ago that I wouldn't continue with my Makalu expedition and, instead, try and use some skills and tools I have to help the country in any small way I can – i.e. my Nepalese, knowledge of Nepal, an excellent satellite communication systems with the Thuraya IP Plus and Thuraya XT, acclimatised to 6000m and a comprehensive medical kit and former Paramedic qualified."


"My plan is therefore to spend the next week, weeks or month, if necessary, trekking to the remote and high altitude settlements of Central/Eastern Nepal that are without any road access or communications and almost certainly devoid of any attention - being many days trek from a road head and with relief agencies pre-occupied with the most severely hit areas of Kathmandu and Langtang.”


"Aim will be to compile reports on any damage or needs of every village visited and send to the Gurkha Welfare Trust and Kadoorie Foundation who am in contact with; allow villagers to speak to missing loved ones in the rest of Nepal on my satellite system; treat any minor ailments or injuries; and call in rescue for any serious cases. Very similar to the welfare treks I carried out whilst I with the Gurkhas, except today is a disaster situation.”


"I will be travelling extremely light – with one backpack and one porter with a holdall, a tent and sleeping bag, one change of clothes, comms gear, medical kit and a lot of expedition food. And I do not need a shower…” Read more and about donation.



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As a former Gurkha member, Adrian Hayes can speak Nepali. Also a Paramedic, he is on a mission to the remote and high altitude settlements of Central/Eastern Nepal "that are without any road access or communications and almost certainly devoid of any attention."
courtesy Adrian Hayes Facebook, SOURCE
Paul Devaney (Irish Seven Summits): "Epicenter and the most effected zone due east of the epicenter. Also marked areas where our Sherpa come from. Many within the most effected zone. Please support Nepal Ireland in raising funds [...] Do your homework on where your support should go so that those worst effected receive the support they need."
courtesy Irish Seven Summits Facebook, SOURCE
Himalaya Stove Project's special stove is ideal for cooking Dhal Bat.
courtesy Himalaya Stove Project, SOURCE
The house in Phulkharka of Exweb reader and Nepal tour operator, Rishi from Encounters Nepal, after the earthquake.
courtesy Rishi / Encounters Nepal, SOURCE
"Village above Gorkha in Burhi Gandaki, lots of earthquake damage near epicenter and landslides are blocking main road. Many more villages have 80% destruction," writes Mike Searl on FB
courtesy Mike Searl FB, SOURCE