Video: Ueli Solo Annapurna

Video: Ueli Solo Annapurna

Posted: Oct 16, 2013 05:51 pm EDT

(Tina Sjogren) After commercial staff ganged up on him on Everest; speed climber Ueli Steck turned to a mountain void of mountain guides and really, most everyone else. 


Notorious for its many deaths, avalanche prone slopes and sky-cutting ridge; the peak frequently merely sees the world's top high altitude mountaineers. And on their 14x8000ers bucket list, they usually leave Annapurna for last.


The Swiss mountaineer took on the killer mountain alone and without fanfare, in a beautiful mix of courage and grace. Here's the video, and some stats.  Only a handful of mountaineers have soloed an 8000 meter peak. Only Ueli has done it twice. 


23 people have summited Annapurna south on new routes. More than 50% of these climbers have died on Annapurna or other mountains later on.


  • Douglas Haston, 1970 (died in avalanche 1977) 
  • Don Whillans, 1970 (died of heart attack at 52) 
  • Ian Clough, 1970 (died on Annapurna 1970) 
  • Maciej Berbeka, 1981 (died on Broad Peak 2013) 
  • Boguslaw Probulski, 1981 
  • Hiroshi Aota, 1981, (died on Annapurna 1981) 
  • Yukihiro Yanagisawa, 1981 (died on K2 1982) 
  • Nil Bohigas, 1984 
  • Enric Lucas, 1984 
  • Erhard Loretan, 1984 (died Grunhorn 2011) 
  • Norbert Joos, 1984 
  • Jerzy Kukuczka,1988 (died on Lhotse 1989) 
  • Arthur Hajzer, 1988 (died on Gasherbrum I 2013) 
  • Espinoza 
  • Mayer 
  • Navarrete, 1988 (died on Annapurna 1988) 
  • Pierre Beghin, 1992 not complete (died on Annapurna 1992) 
  • Jean-Christophe Lafaille 1992 not complete (died on Makalu 2005) 
  • Peter Hamor 2006 
  • Piotr Pustelnik 2006 
  • Piotr Morawski 2006 (died 2009 Dhaulagiri) 
  • Tomaz Humar, 2007 (died 2009 Langtan Lirung, NP) 
  • Ueli Steck, 2013 

Other climbers we lost on Annapurna South: Anatoli Boukreev (1997), Inaki Ochoa (2008), Park Young Seok (2011).


Ueli's accomplishment is a tribute to the spirit of mountaineering and these men. Hats off, great climber.


Watch video and read Don Bowie's summit report.

Click for larger route map (AdventureStats)



Ueli Steck's Annapurna South Face: Solo, New Route, 28hrs Round Trip Time




Everest hotline: ExWeb interview with Ueli Steck


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The routes at Annapurna South (click to enlarge)
courtesy Adventurestats, SOURCE
Ueli new route
courtesy Don Bowie, SOURCE