First Ever Swim Across Pacific Begun

Ben Lacomte is swimming across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to San Francisco. The distance is 5500 miles and will consist of 8 hours swimming per day for six months. Ben successfully swam across the Atlantic in 1998.

Ben Lecomte

He is escorted by a sailing yacht, Discoverer, where he sleeps at night and which is equipped to support him at sea for the 6 months.

He will be swimming across the North Pacific Gyre trash accumulation zone as well as through a great white shark migration zone. The expedition has technology to be able to spot nearby sharks.

His goal is to direct awareness to the harm we are doing to our oceans and opt for more sustainable behavior. During his journey 27 different scientific institutions including NASA and Woods Hole will be conducting research in 8 different subjects related to the ocean and human endurance.

Ben begins his journey from the shore of Choshi, Japan

Ben is four days in, swimming across the Pacific. After departing from Choshi, Japan (the seaside region near Tokyo and Narita) his team detected 2 five-foot sharks and he even spotted a 3-foot one swimming the opposite direction underneath him.

At the end of the first day. the staff medic Mak, felt Ben’s hands and thought that he was too cold and should finish up. Ben remarks however that at the end of day 2 Ben was warm but knew that, paradoxically, the staff in the dinghy were very, very cold. At the end of that day Mak’s hands were actually colder than Ben’s!

By day 3 a major storm system was approaching and Ben and the team had to sail back to a shore safe haven. Once the storm has passed, Ben will get back in the water where he left off.

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