Maldague Starts Kayaking Very Source of the Mississippi

Belgian Arnaud Maldague is crossing from the Arctic (Kugaarut, north Nunavut) to the tip of South America using a variety of transport but without using any motorized vehicles. His non-motorized journey is unusual in that he will use seven modes: skiing, snow-kiting, cycling, horse-riding, kayaking, sailing and walking. The Arctic in winter, the lengths of the Mississippi, the Caribbean, the jungles of the Amazon and Patagonia will all be involved.

A plotting of Maldague’s intended course down the Mississippi River.

Maldague has started his descent of the Mississippi River originating at it’s source at Lake Itasca, Minnesota. Since he’s at the river’s very origin, it’s a lot of tricky navigating through rivulets of flooded grasses which Maldague thinks to be wild rice.

Maldague’s tracker as he makes his way down the tributary rivulets of the Mississippi.

He claims the river is starting to widen and that he’s been adapting his kayak every day to try to acheive an optimal setup. He has been working toward Bemidji, the first town on the Mississippi and Cass Lake, Minnisota.

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