Might Casey Give Up The Amazon?

Pete Casey is traveling up the length of the Amazon River using only human power. He started out from the Amazon’s runout in the Atlantic Ocean and plans to travel across the continent to the Pacific.

Casey is currently near the Brazil/Peru Amazonian border and has been trying to cross the Ticuna indigenous lands to follow the Amazon River into Peru. The Ticuna are an indigenous Amazonian people.

It has often been very difficult for him to find a walking guide, an essential while walking/swimming through the dangerously remote jungle. A few weeks ago he was very happy to announce that he had found a Ticuna guide named Antonio.

Next was to attempt to cross the Ticuna lands from the most upstream village he had reached, Amatura. Permission was needed for the indigenous lands, but how? Casey and Antonio ‘swam’ into one of the first Ticuna villages of Nova Italia.

Once there, they were only told to return to Amatura to find the chief of the village. And, upon returning and finding him the chief could do no more than tell them to go back and speak with the vereador (councillor). Rigmarole!

The Ticuna chief of the village, Nova Italia (top left) and others, some of which are family members

The results that followed were both good and bad.

Returning alone this time to Nova Italia, Casey nervously asked permission to cross the lands, in Portuguese, to an audience of 100’s of villagers, the vereador, the chief and other officials and important community members. At the end of it all, quite fortunately he was granted permission to cross the lands.

The bad news? Apparently Casey has lost his guide. His guide has returned to his home village and not come back, possibly jaded by the whole situation. Casey has been struggling to find a new guide but most villagers refuse because they are focused on a big upcoming soccer tournament and the 2018 World Cup Games on TV.

As a result, it’s apparent Casey’s tone has changed. He has many worries – the intensity of flood season, his realization of the dangers of the Peruvian Amazon and how to fund and continue his seemingly never-ending journey. Casey expresses, “my thoughts and emotions have been turbulent and overflowing, similar to the waters of the Amazon basin in full flood, they have been, up to the brim”.

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