Call to help clear landmines holding Noshaq (7492m) hostage in Afghanistan

Posted: Feb 07, 2008 09:47 pm EST

( "Imagine if no one could get to Everest or K2 - what would happen to mountaineering and trekking in Nepal or Pakistan? What would happen to the people who live around those peaks?"

John Mock & Kimberley O'Neil from Yosemite National Park, CA are asking climbers to help clear the landmines blocking entrance to Afghanistan's highest peak, Noshaq (7492m), virtually inaccessible because the route to base camp is blocked by landmines.

Well, they are not actually asking you to go there personally and clear the approach, but to support the Return to Noshaq campaign.

"Those of us who venture into the mountains are aware of and respect the objective dangers posed by the landscape, but manmade dangers leftover from war and conflict have no place in the mountain realm," the authors write.

Noshaq has seen about 32 successful ascents between 1960 and 1978 and was the world's first winter ascent of a 7000m peak in 1973.
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To get here...'ll have to cross this. Image of Noshaq (top) and landmine field on approach to BC, courtesy of the Return to Noshaq campaign.

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