10 things to do before going off to climb Everest

Posted: Feb 26, 2015 11:55 am EST

(Tina Sjogren) Following our own 4 expeditions to Everest in the 90s and 15 years talking to countless Everest climbers since; we've compiled the following list to save you some trouble. Some points are funny, some serious. No worries if you're already enroute to Ktm. There's still time. 


1. Go liquid. Sell your stocks. That's ALL stocks, including the safe bets. CASH OUT.

2. Get your financial affairs in order and write a testament.

3. Don't write a testament. Ultimate revenge on brat kids and trophy wife/husband.

4. Get a life insurance, check that it includes a climb of Everest. If not, look up the temporary ones covering high risk.

5. Bring a stack of cash on your climb, yes ON the climb, all the way up. You never know when you need to buy an extra bottle of oxygen or pay someone to take you down.

6. Bring 200 AA Lithium batteries, everyone runs out and your stash will make you a BC kingpin.

7. Small business owner: Don’t worry about your staff stealing your gig while you’re gone. They won’t but expect lots of cleaning up when you get back.

8. Website updates: tell the masses what you really think, or STFU. Use acronyms if you have to but make it matter.

9. Don’t trust your guide. Don’t trust your sherpa. Don’t trust anyone.


10. Don’t fatten up too much before you go. Those new fat cells will stay with you for life.







Everest south side
courtesy ExplorersWeb, SOURCE

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