Cyberstalkers: Explorers fighting back

Posted: Apr 01, 2014 06:35 pm EDT

(Tina Sjogren) In February speed climber Chad Kellogg was hit by a rock and killed while pushing a hard route in Patagonia. A low-key champion, Chad was respected by the community for the mountaineering challenges he took on, not the least in face of losing his wife on Denali and fighting cancer.


Few knew of Chad's secret nightmare: an Oregon based cyberstalker who spent the past 10 years contacting everyone related to Kellogg; including his sponsors and the media, systematically discrediting Kellogg's professional and personal life. 


Sure enough, right after Chad died a post (deleted by us) from the stalker arrived ExWeb's disqus. It read:


Isn't Chad Kellogg the multi-fraud artist of Denali Rainier Khan Tengri?
1:02 a.m., Tuesday Feb. 18
Email address:| IP address:


Because some folks frequently lie and exagerate their accomplishments, it's media's job to follow up on word of foul play. When in early 2000 Chad's stalker got in touch with us we took his claims seriously.


Chad checked out clear while the accuser didn't fare equally well in the process. Dead phone lines and non-existing "witnesses" only added to his strange statements. We posted a couple of short stories concluding the case. That's when the stalker turned on us instead, with sinister emails and calls under fake names to ExWeb staff.


A different but parallell case of cyberstalking is now playing out among the world's longriding community.


Kent Madin vs Ripley Davenport


Kent Madin believes Ripley Davenport is full of it and has spent years trying to expose him. Ripley has refused to respond to the accusations (not investigated by ExWeb) and Madin's focus has now expanded into attacking other explorers that he feels have been unsupportive of his quest.


One is long rider Basha O'Reilly. Head of the Long Riders' Guild along with life partner and fellow explorer CuChullaine, Basha's achievements and the current events have been compiled in a 27-page expose, put together by CuChullaine and headlined "American Diplomat Cyberstalker attacking Explorers - International Explorers Seek Dimplomat's Arrest".


Download PDF


Petition for the Exploration Cyber Resource Centre.


In a separate email, Basha and Ripley have asked Explorersweb, National Geographic, Royal Geographic Society and Scientific Exploration Society to create a central organization with the following purpose:


"The ECRC would act as a single global source of information. If a question arises about the activities of an explorer, or his/her journey, the ECRC will provide the public with a trusted source of information which is currently lacking. The ECRC can ask the explorer to explain any discrepancies. It will not attempt to obtain his medical records under false pretences, interview his landlady etc. It will also provide an explorer a place to seek advice if he/she is being stalked or harassed."



Basha O'Reilly
Ripley Davenport
courtesy Ripley Davenport, SOURCE
American speed climber Chad Kellogg on previous climb.
courtesy Chad Kellogg, SOURCE

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