Everest: 14x 8000m speed record

Posted: May 22, 2013 09:15 am EDT

(Newsdesk) South Korean Kim Chang-Ho summited Everest on May 20 and became the first Korean climber who summited Everest without supplemental oxygen and the first Korean who finished all the 14x 8000m peaks without O2. He did the 14x 8000ers in a time with 7 years, 10 months and six days, reported the Korean Alpine Federation, breaking the previous record of 7 years, 11 months and 14 days set by Polish climber Jerzy Kukuczka.


Other Everest news: Domi Trastoy Diaz became the first Andorran climber to summit Everest, reported Ramon from his home team to ExplorersWeb. He left Camp 4 of Everest SE route for the summit bid at 8:00PM and summited at 5AM on May 21. "It has been tough and long but impressive," he said back in C4. This was Domi's second attempt as in 2011 he had to turn back at 8000m on the north side.


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Kim Chang-Ho talking to the media before he left on this expedition to complete his 14 8000ers.
courtesy From 0 to 8000, SOURCE

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