Go ice climb - in Turkey!

Posted: Dec 12, 2014 01:01 pm EST

(Newsdesk) Here goes a shout-out by Turkish Himalaya veteran Tunc Findik for an unusual ice-climbing festival:


"With the valuable support of Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum, The First International Ice Climbing Festival will be taking a start at Erzurum, Uzundere in Eastern Turkey, between the dates 21-25 january, 2015.


After last years’ ‘ice climbing convention’  for Turkish climbers, this year the Festival activity will host many climbers from Turkey and abroad, and will be held annually. The festival also will be announced on  by the UIAA Youth Committee on their web site.

The numerous frozen waterfalls that were explored in the region differ in difficulty  from Wİ3 to Wİ6 and are up to 300ft in length." (End)

For more information about the festival, please contact Mr. Cetin Bayram (+90-533-3872850) e-mail: feniksanka25@gmail.com



K2 kick-off: ExWeb interview with Tunc Findik

21-25 january, 2015

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