Nanga Parbat Winter Recall

Posted: Jan 13, 2015 10:26 am EST

(Newsdesk) Remember the Hungarian/American trio last January who stayed in a mud hut en route to Nanga Parbat and ate a chicken their cook had "found somewhere"?


Not much is going on at the peak right now: climbers have worked around the 6000 meter mark and are holding in foul weather except for Tomasz Mackiewicz and Elisabeth Revol who may be pushing to 7200 tomorrow.


Meanwhile last week, writing a 2012/2013 winter Nanga Parbat debrief for mountaineering gentiles at, Ian Overton explains that bivouac is French for "we don't need tents, you pussy". Read while new action builds on Nanga Parbat.



Current Nanga Parbat winter attempt kicking off


Winter Nanga Parbat: Ian's moments of truth






(L/r) David Klein, Zoltan Robert, and Ian Overton at departure for Pakistan in 2012.
courtesy David Klein, Zoltan Robert, Ian Overton, SOURCE

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