Teen sailing update: Nerve wrecking week for Dekker

Posted: Jul 20, 2010 07:36 pm EDT

The next week will seal the fate for Laura Dekker's plans to become the youngest person to sail non stop around the world. According to Dutch media the authorities involved are not on the same page when it comes to let the 14 year old sail away anymore.

The social workers in Utrecht have asked the family court in Middelburg to give Laura Dekker permission to follow her dreams of being a round the world sailor. If the court follow their advise Dekker can cast off immediately on her voyage to be the youngest solo circumnavigator ever.

The national child protection council does not agree, and wants to keep her under state supervision for another year. And the effectively grounding her for yet another year.

The differences became clear during a closed door hearing Tuesday 20th. The court will use the coming week to make up their mind, and let Laura Dekker and her family know their decision July 27th.

Laura's mother was earlier on against her daughters plans, but she has now had a change of heart. Babs Müller, Laura's mother, wrote an open letter to the authorities to allow her daughter to make the two year long trip. She described the child protection bodies as criminal organizations which want to break her daughter's spirit.

Müller is divorced from Dekker's father. Both parents are pro the circumnavigation.


Laura Dekker has trained hard in an effort to convince the autorities that she is ready to sail alone around the world.
courtesy Laura Dekker, SOURCE