Last sunset: Tomek (and Wacek) update

Posted: Aug 24, 2012 04:00 am EDT

(Tina Sjogren) It was an amazing story, among our very best at ExplorersWeb. It was about a Polish emigrant who refused to give up and found his dream in America. Eventually it took him around the world, against the wind, and into the record books.

Above the achievement, Tomek and Wacek's incredible voyage spoke about life, priorities and values. It was funny, it was thought provoking, and it was real.

Tom Lewandowski passed away on July 13, at age 53, of a heart attack. Too soon, yes. But it happened out at sea, on board Luka, sailing from Cartagena with his beloved wife Beata.

"When we die, we all go where we imagine we go," Tomek said.

Full sail ahead, great Captain.

Best of ExplorersWeb 2008 Awards: Against the wind, Tomek and Wacek (FREE)

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There were glowing sunsets, flying fish the size of herrings and jumping dolphins...
Image by Tomasz Lewandowski courtesy, SOURCE

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