French preparing for partial Northwest Passage rows

Posted: Apr 24, 2013 11:48 am EDT

(Newsdesk) In France a solo woman and a men's duo are preparing to paddle and row a partial route of the Northwest Passage in the north of Canada and Alaska.

Experienced ocean rower, Anne Quéméré is quite busy with the preparation at the moment, she told ExWeb in a heads up. Quéméré plans to paddle 3000 km in a Grand Narak kayak. Her website carries the details: "This kayak is equipped with a rudder - in order to correct the drift due to the wind or the current – which can be fold on the rear deck during transport or when paddling in not very deep water. It is controlled with both feet thanks to a system of pedals and cables. Finally, its carrying capacity convinced me in my final choice."

Depending on the sea ice her route will stretch from Pond Island, Baffin Island, west to the Pacific Ocean.

A chance meeting Anne on their way east, Charles Hedrich and Pierre-Marie Bazin plan to start mid-June from Nome, Alaska, and row to Pond Inlet; a 6000 km voyage, Hedrich says on his website. They expect to be 3-4 months at sea.

For those who understand French:

Some of Anne Quéméré's long distance voyages (courtesy her website)

2002: Rowing the Atlantic on the Trade winds route (Canary Islands to the West Indies), alone and without assistance. 56 days

2004: Rowing the Atlantic on the north route, alone and without assistance. 87 days and rowing 6450 km

2006: Kiting across the Atlantic Ocean, alone and without assistance. New York area to Ouessant, in Brittany. 55 days, 6700 km

2011: Kiting across the Pacific Ocean alone and without assistance from Callao, Peru to French Polynesia. 77 days, 7000 km.

"The Northwest Passage is a sea route through the Arctic between the Atlantic Arctic Circle in Davis Strait and the Pacific Arctic Circle near the Bering Strait."

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Charles Hedrich and Pierre-Marie Bazin practicing capsizing. Rowboat: "Carbon, Kevlar. 6.80 meters for a curb weight of 190kg. Designed to be used on the sea, on the ice, and on earth, towed two."
courtesy Charles Hedrich, SOURCE
Charles Hedrich and Pierre-Marie Bazin route; Nome to Pond Inlet.
courtesy Charles Hedrich, SOURCE
Anne, well experienced with a kite on the oceans, practicing here with a kite on her kayak.
courtesy Anne Quemere, SOURCE
The kayak went through some customization.
courtesy Anne Quemere, SOURCE
Anne: "Here is my brand new customized Select paddle ready for high seas! Please allow me a bit of bragging!"
courtesy Anne Quemere, SOURCE