Editorial: the price of knowing great men

Posted: Mar 16, 2012 05:37 pm EDT

(Tina Sjogren) They say that life is about choices. Tom and I had different options when we met. Acing tests at Sweden's Harvard Tom could have worked in a bank helping people get out of their homes. An ambitious kid at Swedish Television, I could have become famous for interviewing people famous for being famous. We would have been rich and admired in our community.

Instead we took to the world. In all its glory and all its hardship, damn the money. Along the way we set up ExplorersWeb and got to know some of the world's greatest girls and men.

We became parts of their lives. Along with the shots of routes and tents, they sent us pics of their weddings, kids, and pets. Behind the official interviews there were off the record mails, with their dreams, hopes, doubts and pains.

When we lost them, we lost brothers.

Since last weekend I have been unable to shake off images of Gerfried's and Heike's wedding on an Austrian mountain top. He named his first daughter Sagarmatha. I've been worried, angry, and sad.

And it's not the first time. Meanwhile, in their comments our community made sure that hope was last to leave the mountain. Things like that make my choice worthwhile. I'm proud of our tribe.

I don't know the last thoughts of Gerfried, Cedric and Nisar. I don't know if they even ever had any choice at all. The paths of our hearts are not always the easiest or the most fruitful, or the most wise.

All I know is that losing people who truly shine is the most painful. I guess that that's the price of having known them.

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