Editorial: Yemen misunderstood? Not so fast

Posted: May 06, 2012 03:15 pm EDT

(Tina Sjogren) “This beautiful country is a very misunderstood land," last week explorer Michael Strandberg told ExplorersWeb.

"What about women travelers?" asked Correne. "I don´t see any major differences from what I would see as challenges. Basically cultural. One has to, of course, respect the culture and that makes it slightly more challenging, but not a lot. So, my answer is, no problems," the Swede replied.

Meanwhile also last week, Al-Qaeda targeted Yemeni women for not wearing face veils.

This video is about a 10-year old child forced to marry an adult man and raped daily in his house. The mother-in-law encourages her son to "hit her" when the girl runs to her for help. Her own family turns her away urging her to not "put shame" on them. Finally the little girl does something unprecedented.

I'm increasingly impatient at adventure travelers confusing culture with abuse. Walking amidst it we become part of what's going on. To the 10-year old girl in the video we owe at least to make the world aware, loud and clear.

Michael Strandberg has contributed stories at ExplorersWeb. Involved with women's rights he wants to be a bridge builder around the world. Strandberg has traveled extensively in South America and Africa, often on horseback, and also skied through Siberia in winter.
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“This beautiful country is a very misunderstood land," Michael Strandberg told ExplorersWeb. "Not so fast," ExWeb's Tina Sjogren shoots back.
courtesy Mikael Strandberg