Paddle the Nile: Journey Begins With Hippo Attack!

Paddle the Nile

Sarah Davis is paddling the Nile from source to sea. She is using a raft for the upper Nile in Rwanda and Uganda since there is a considerable amount of whitewater. For the lower portions she will be using a folding kayak.

The Nile has two sources, the White Nile and the Blue Nile; she has decided to put-in at the source of the White Nile. The journey will take her through Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt to the run-out in the Mediterranean Sea.

Davis on the White Nile.

There will be various paddlers and others involved in the effort throughout the journey. They will be carrying all their gear, food and water with them, however there will be resupply points.

The Paddle the Nile expedition has launched! Davis put-in by raft at the Nile’s ‘White Nile’ source in Rwanda on October 27th. This was with several other paddlers assisting. She was elated to see lots of excited local people running alongside the river as she started. “As soon as they got tired more came along and took over laughing and shouting,” she said.

An audience of onlookers follows the raft along the river.

Only a few days into the journey, they were attacked by a hippo! Hippos are well-known to be one of the world’s most deadly animals, with approximately 500 people killed per year. The hippo charged them, backed off, charged a second time and then bit a massive hole out of the back of the raft. Fortunately, it was later able to be repaired.

A kayaker paddling adjascent. This is what the White Nile looks like at its source.

Davis remarked that they have now entered crocodile territory and have seen a few. They had been in flat water and were soon to move into rapids. She says the camping has been good, apart from a night when they were forced to stay in their tents because of a hippo.

A paddler assisting Davis’s expedition.

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