Paralympian and Peter Pan, Ghana to Cameroon – Marathon in Every Country

Nick Butter is running a marathon in every country in the world, 196 in all, to draw awareness to prostate cancer.

Boys in Benin

Butter keeps his march across western Africa. Ghana was run with a two-time Paralympian. He said that the 104° F in Burkina Faso was at his hydration limit so he basically overheated (we know ‘butter’ by the way melts at 95°!).

Togo was about no music, audio books or cars honking behind him, just he and the open road. Great pictures but no comments from his run in Benin. In Lagos, Nigeria he ran with a 16-year-old boy, referred to as ‘Peter Pan’, who dreams to run the London Marathon. Butter was also notably scammed for $800 by his host lady in Nigeria! He found Cameroon an enjoyable run – no heat and “safeish” and he was just in a good mood despite many of the ‘usual problems’.


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