Pedalling the Planet: Mugged in Spain

Vedangi Kulkarni is attempting to break the record for the fastest time cycling around the world by a woman. She is starting and completing her journey in Perth, Australia. She refers to her bicycle as ‘Cappuccino’. The current female around the world record is 144 days by Paola Gianotti in 2014.

Spain road vista.

Kulkarni has been dogged by even more unimaginable issues. She claims to have been mugged at knifepoint and was recovering from a concussion that was related to the mugging.

Around-the-world cycling trips for competition require that participants cross through two antipodal points (points on opposite sides of the world). Kulkarni has now made it to her second of the two points, Madrid (the other being somewhere in New Zealand).

Kulkarni took a picture of her bike in front of a Madrid recycling bin located at the precise antipodal point she was require to pass through for her around-the-world trip.

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