Polar skiers in K2 tragedy

Polar skiers in K2 tragedy

Posted: Aug 04, 2008 03:21 am EDT

(ThePoles.com) A terrible accident took place on K2 this weekend. It is feared that Norwegian Rolf Bae perished in an avalanche; wife Cecilie Skog survived and is safe in BC.

Dutch Wilco Van Rooijen had a narrow escape; he downclimbed for several nights under his own power to camp 3, where he was cared for by two fellow mountaineers and then brought down to BC.

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This was "Three Poles" Norwegian Cecilie Skog and husband Rolf Bae's second attempt on the Mountaineers' mountain. In their 2005 attempt the couple reached camp 3, but bad weather thwarted further tries for the summit that year. Before the K2 climb this year, Rolf Bae topped out Trango Tower after 27 days on the wall, along with climbing mates Stein Ivar Gravdal, Bjarte Bø, and Sigurd Felde.

Cecilie has summited Everest and the couple also reached both poles back to back, without airdrops and kites. In 2000, Rolf Bae did a spectacular Antarctic traverse together with Eirik Sonneland.

Norit expedition leader Dutch Wilco Van Rooijen was on his third attempt on K2 and led the climb on the mountain. He summited Everest without oxygen, and did several striking polar journeys. Wilco's trip on Antarctica in 2000-01 was considered the breakthrough of South Pole kite-assisted, unsupported return expeditions.


Norwegian couple Cecilie Skog and Rolf Bae.
Dutch Wilco Van Rooijen.