Baffin Babes: Spring, sunscreen, snow and circus

Posted: May 15, 2009 02:05 pm EDT

( The sea ice started to break and the Babes had to step over some small leads. They could see the change in seasons and put more sunscreen on. Though not for long when snowfall surprised them. Another surprise was when they met the only Inuit circus in the world on their way.

Circus out of town

One afternoon the Babes heard the strange noise. To their surprise it was a circus.

Ingeboerg explained, In the middle of nowhere we met the only Inuit circus in the world, Artcirq! Suddenly there were people, smiles, laughing, children's cry and colours everywhere. It was so surrealistic that I thought I was going to wake up from the dream any moment. They performed for us, they sang. They gave so much energy!

Spring is in the air

The girls experienced the change of seasons. Vera wrote, Spring is here. The Arctic fox that is tripping across the fjord, calling for a soul mate in the early morning, has started to change its thick white winter coat to a brownish summer one. The ring seal is sunbathing on the ice and as we ski layer after layer of our clothes is getting of.

Like a nomadic family we are moving. The daily routines are working without any discussions and words; we got the flow. 10 hours of skiing passes, time is nothing here.


Then, to their surprise again, a few days later some snowfall. 60 days of skiing has passed and we have hardly had any snowfall at all. Until now, said Kristin.

The 40 cm thick snow carpet that suddenly one morning was rolled out on the fjord ice is slowing down our progress big time. Every step is a struggle and pulling the sleds are heavier than ever before, despite the fact that they are loosing a total weight of 7 kilograms every day.

They skied in a line and took turns in breaking the trail.

The following days stayed cold. Despite that, in minus 35 degrees air temperature, Vera, Emma and Kristin took a dip in a seal hole. Cold but refreshing! wrote Emma.

Two Swedish sisters, Vera Simonsson and Emma Simonsson, and two friends from Norway, Kristin Folsland Olsen and Ingebjørg Tollefsen attempt a sledge-hauling ski expedition on Baffin Island. They started early March 2009 and want to cover approximately 1400 km in 80 days. Their route starts from Qikiqtarjuaq via Clyde River, a resupply point, and from there to Pond Inlet. Two dogs from Baffin Island, Buck and Anu, will accompany them.

Ingeboerg: Instead of making dinner, Emma started the drumming and we danced and shook our hips to the groovy rhythm. Live image over Contact 4.0 courtesy of (click to enlarge)
Every step [in the deep snow] is a struggle and pulling the sleds are heavier than ever before. Live image over Contact 4.0 courtesy of (click to enlarge)