Iceland update: Crossing lava and glacier fields

Posted: Jul 28, 2010 07:48 pm EDT

Louis-Philippe Loncke has been trekking in rain and wind the past three days while he is nearing Kotlutangi, the most southern point of Iceland. It is the first time during the expedition that he experience unpleasant weather.

During the past week he travelled across a lava field and a section of VatnajĂśkull Glacier. He also saw several volcanoes.

During his crossing of a lava field, Louis-Philippe fell down in a crack. His home team said he his right leg was bruised so he immediately took rest and took care of it. When the night came, he was still wandering if he could continue the next morning.

No doubt that his strong determination helped his body to treat itself during the night. The next two days he walked at a good pace but now he has to cope with serious things: ice and water with the crossing of the VatnajĂśkull.

Louis-Philippe crossed part of VatnajĂśkull Glacier. His home team said two important rivers gave him lot of difficulties and pain because of ice blocks as big as cars floating in the rivers. He evidently couldnt cross them, so he had to walk around and it took him hours.

With the Glacier behind him, Louis-Philippe trekked across rock dust and rocks in his rain gear. The forecast are not especially encouraging for the next coming days, said his home team. However his spirit is high as Louis-Philippe is approaching the ocean and the extreme point at the south of the island.

Latest position 63°52 05N, 18, 56 07W

Louis-Philippe Loncke started his Iceland crossing on July 12, 2010 from the most Northern point at Rifstangi and attempt to walk solo to the most Southern point at KĂśtlutangi.

In the Australian winter of 2008 Belgium adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke walked solo, unassisted from North to South across the Simpson Desert. His route took him from Jervois, across the centre of the desert to Macumba Station in the South.

Louis-Philippe has a passion for the Oceanic countries where he already has traveled thousands of kilometers. Some of his adventures: He walked solo, unsupported across the West MacDonnell National Park in Australia, starting West and walking East to finish in Alice Springs; walked solo, unsupported, South to North across Fraser Island, the biggest sand island in the world; and walked across the Tasmanian wilderness.

Apart from walking across remote wilderness areas, Louis-Philippe is also a painter and photographer and he loves scuba diving.

In 2008 Christopher became the first person to cross Iceland solo, without a resupply, from its most northerly point to most southerly point (Rifstangi at N66° 32.16, W16° 11.46 to Kotlutangi at N63° 22.60, W18° 45.00).


Image of Dettifoss (click to enlarge)
Image by Christopher Mike courtesy Christopher Mike, SOURCE

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