Davide Peluzzi and Gianluca Frinchillucci learning about people in remote areas

Posted: Aug 03, 2010 06:53 pm EDT

The two Italians are on a mission to do research about the peoples of the Earth living in remote areas like the Arctic and the Himalayas.

They have been in Greenland before and are now on their way to the Himalayas with Expedition Earth Mater 2010, in search for the Lost Tribe in the valleys of Ganesh Himal. The expedition is also in memory of Bill Tilman and Franco Varrassi (member of the Greenland expedition who disappeared on the Gran Sasso in Italy), they say on their website.

Greenland expedition

Davide Peluzzi sent a debrief through to ExplorersWebs NewsDesk of the journal of the Saxum 2008 Expedition in Greenland, the only Italian scientific expedition in Arctic exploration International Polar Year - IPY 2007-2009, he says.

Davide, Franco Varrassi and Libero Limoncelli explored East Greenland, near the Tasiilaq/Kulusuk area, together with a team led by Dr. Gianluca Frinchillucci - Luca Natali, Giorgio Marinelli and Ottorino Tosti.

They were in an area of East Greenland near the Arctic Circle with a variety of purposes to study and to do research:
1) To study the development of the Arctic people,
2) To get samples of human DNA at the villages of Isortoq and Teniteqillaq,
3) To collect samples of micro-organisms in extreme environments of rocks and ice, and
4) To climb a mountain without "Name".

The team travelled by boat on an ice covered Greenland sea to get to the mountain they wanted to climb. When the boat left, Davide wrote, There we were; seven Italians at the massive southern foothill of a mountain of over a thousand meters in height, similar to the Matterhorn. The temperature was 5.5°C when they pitched their tent at the spot they identified for their base camp for their climb.

He thought of the Greenland people who were living for so long in isolation in the District of Ammassalik. They not only fought against the natural elements such as ice, bears the mountains, but above all, resist them, and live in relation to the earth so "inhospitable" to them as "guests." They created a special relationship with the supernatural ... The wind, he says.

With the Himalaya Expedition, Earth Mater 2010, the team is raising funds to help the people of the remote and not frequently visited valleys of Ganesh (7422 m). Money will be allocated for medicines and basic necessities. See donation details on their website in the links section below the images.


The Italians topped out a Greenland mountain (click to enlarge)
courtesy Davide Peluzzi, SOURCE
The team travelled by boat on an ice covered Greenland sea to get to the mountain they wanted to climb. (click to enlarge)
courtesy Davide Peluzzi, SOURCE