Cycling alone across the frozen Lake Baikal – a photo book

Cycling alone across the frozen Lake Baikal – a photo book

Posted: Aug 02, 2011 09:01 pm EDT

(Correne Coetzer) The world’s large frozen lakes are popular training ground for polar adventurers or just a challenge crossing them during the northern winter and spring. In 2010 Spaniard Juan Menéndez Granados took on the challenge across the world’s largest lake, Lake Baikal in Russia; alone on his bicycle.

Granados published a photo book about his experience, Expedicion Baikal, Solo en al hielo / Baikal Expedition, Alone on the ice.

Each of the 144 pages is illustrated with high quality, full color photographs, accompanied with informative text in both Spanish and English.

The introductory chapter gives information and shows photos of other locations where Juan has cycled previously; the crossing of the High Atlas Mountains, through the Amazonian rainforest, the deserts of Australia, and the Canadian Arctic.

This is followed by general data about Lake Baikal, information about Juan’s equipment for the journey and the cold weather, his preparation at home and in Russia, and the acclimatization for the trip.

The rest of the book is in the form of a diary of his 19-day experience (with food for 15 days); describing the ice conditions, the dangers, charging electronics, Olkhon Island, surviving a storm and heavy winds, risking frostbite, building snow walls for protection, photo and video recording the expedition on his own, and the daily life of a solo adventurer.

Title: Baikal Expedition, only on the ice.
Author: Juan Menéndez Granados.
Language: Spanish / English.
DTP. 1st edition.
Release Date: December 2010.
Features: 24x21cm photo book, with cover flap and 144 pages in full color with high quality photo paper coating.
Foreword by Ramon Larramendi.

The book can be ordered directly from the author’s website (in the links section below the images).


Cover page. Book available for purchase directly from Juan Menéndez Granados.
Image by Juan Menéndez Granados courtesy Juan Menéndez Granados, SOURCE
“After a long and torturous first part of the lake, I finally reached clear ice that I could cycle over!” p. 73
courtesy Juan Menéndez Granados
Earlier this year Juan Menéndez Granados (third from right) received the Spanish Geographical Society ‘Journey of the Year’ Award for his Baikal Expedition. Also receiving an award at the ceremony was 14x8000m summiteer, Edurne Pasabán (forth from right).
courtesy Juan Menéndez Granados