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ExWeb interview with Aleks Gamme, final: "Norwegians seem a bit stuck on skis and polar travel"

Posted: Feb 17, 2012 02:15 am EST

(AB/TS) Finding the perfect partner is hard. She wants an all-inclusive in the Bahamas and he wants to ski unsupported to the South Pole and back. Some AI researchers believe people will fall in love with human-like robots 40 years from now. Aleks kickstarted future with a secret mistress completing his team of Wilson and the Scream.

Typical of the emerging generation of crossover explorers, Aleks Gamme is equally into science, action sports and exploration. He climbed Everest and the foresummits of Shishapangma and Broad Peak, guided Aconcagua and other Seven Summits, crossed Sahara on a tandem bike (another world first), guided skiers on Greenland and safaris in South Africa, and held various assignments in countries such as Iran, Borneo and Uganda.

He's not really into crosscountry skiing, "for a Norwegian," Aleks told ExWeb, although he enjoys downhill and telemark.

He sky-jumps and skates, "I miss a skateboarding vert-ramp in the neighborhood - seems like kids only do street these days," and he's a bookworm when it comes to history, empires, cultures, languages and more.

He's the "typical entrepreneur working with diverse projects," Aleks says, "and I consider most of them as hobbies as well."

In part 1 of this interview we spoke with Aleks about the expedition, his Antarctica record, and how come he waited for Cas and Jonesy. Here go a few last words from the Norwegian who came like a sidekick and stole the stage this centennial anniversary year.

ExplorersWeb: Looking back on the South Pole, are you happy with the preps and strategy, anything you would improve if you had to do it again?

Aleks: To me, my strategy and the choices I made en route were close to perfect. I pushed hard quite early to not get stressed out by the end-off-season deadlines. Obviously I managed to balance the push well with my need for recovery, increasing skiing hours slowly each day.

I based my diet on big rations of superfood which I think helped me recover faster and also kept injuries at bay.

I started out with skis mounted under my sledge but that worked out less well at Antarctica compared to Greenland (too much snow and sastrugis, too heavy sled). I broke one of the skis when I tripped over a sastrugi in whiteout. And I would bring even more audiobooks and movies.

ExplorersWeb: What did you miss most on the ice and are about to have (or already have had)?

Aleks: That's a typical question and one that I've had difficulties answering this time. I used a lot of coconut and omega oil in my superfood-diet which kept the food-cravings away. When you've solved hunger, you have solved a BIG problem.

I was quite disciplined appreciating what I had, not longing for what I didn´t have. That's something I also believe in, in general.

But I missed hot water during the day. Five days out I had to empty my sleigh to disassemble the ski system after I broke the ski. I lost a stuff bag in the snow storm and with it all my coffee, chili, drinking bottle, thermocup and thermos. I always got brain-freeze at the end of the day from the icy water in my spare fuel bottle, ha ha.

ExplorersWeb: Any thoughts on Amundsen and Scott this anniversary season? Do you have a "Polar Idol"?

Aleks: Not really. I decided this was the year to do it, more to the extended length of this season than to the anniversary. I wish I could have attended the December 14 ceremony but there was no chance with the delay and crappy weather in the first three weeks. I think Borge's expeditions are remarkable, every one of them is a first and to me he is the biggest polar pioneer of our dessert generation.

ExplorersWeb: Now that it's done, are you just relaxing or do you have a new expedition in mind?

Aleks: I enjoy diversity, and would like to combine elements. Such as ski to a mountain, climb it and jump it. I used to sky dive for many years before my expeditions so now I plan to spend more time descending the fun way, jumping or speedflying.

I also want to learn more about the jungle and the tropics. Norwegians seem a bit stuck on skis and polar travel, but there is so much more fun to experience out there.

In the future, Aleks told us, he'll also read more books, play more guitar, learn how to play piano, drink more wine, dance more salsa and sing more karaoke. "When I'm fifty I will play in a rock band and will do all the famous Pink Floyd-riffs."
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The secret mistress. While some would find such a gift sad, "it's the perfect Christmas present for a Solo polar trip," Aleks insists. "Grandma inflatable superior version!"
courtesy Aleksander Gamme, SOURCE
The secret mistress. While some would find such a gift sad, "it's the perfect Christmas present for a Solo polar trip," Aleks insists. "Grandma inflatable superior version!"
courtesy Aleksander Gamme, SOURCE
Jonesy (left) and Cas with Gamme in middle, crossing paths on the ice on Jan 10th.
courtesy Cas & Jonesy Antarctic expedition, SOURCE
Gamme's companion and only support.
courtesy Aleksander Gamme, SOURCE
Aleks at the South Pole. Halfway there.
courtesy Aleksander Gamme, SOURCE