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Video: Dreamcatchers Rune Gjeldnes, Cecilie Skog and Ryan Waters

Posted: Nov 30, 2012 07:32 pm EST

(Newsdesk) They skied across the Poles edge to edge and climbed 8000 meter mountains. Below video clips from Rune, and Cecilie and Ryan's sequences in the movie Dreamcatcher, by YDreamProductions.

In 1996 Rune Gjeldnes together with Torry Larsen, did a full crossing of the length of the Greenland Ice Cap from Cap Farewell in the south to Cap Morris Jessup; using parachutes, climbed, paddled and kite-skied. They were both 23 years old. Runes says in the video this was his greatest expedition.

Second for him, was the full crossing of the Arctic Ocean via the Geographic North Pole with Torry in the year 2000. They had no resupplies and no kite/dog support.

Starting out Severnaya Zemlya in Russia, they stepped on the ice in the pitch black Arctic winter. What followed was an epic journey. In the end, the guys had lost just about everything including their sleds and their gear. When they finally reached Canadian territory (Cape Discovery), they were wearing only a backpack.

The doctors of a small research station that examined them on arrival said that Rune and Torry were only 48 hours away from death. They had been out on the ice for 109 days. The first ever unassisted, unsupported crossing of a Pole.

In 2005-06 Rune had done a 4804 km (2988 miles) solo kite-ski across Antarctica from Novo via the Geographic South Pole, down the Brizzly Glacier to Terra Nova Bay. The distance was done in 90 days, without resupplies. Rune improved on the previous record of the longest Antarctic trek without resupplies by more than 1000 km (600 miles).

With his victory, Rune Gjeldnes became the only person to have traversed both polar ice caps edge to edge without resupplies.

Norwegian Cecilie Skog, the only woman to summit Everest, K2 and ski to both poles (unassisted and unsupported), crossed Antarctica with veteran American 8000m mountaineer, Ryan Waters, in the 2009-10 season. This was
the first unassisted and unsupported expedition to cross Antarctica.

Cecilie and Rune started at Berkner island, crossed the sea ice to the mainland, continued to 90°S, and skied down Axel Heiberg Glacier to the Ross Ice Shelf.

In the video Cecilie talks about her came back to the Himalayas after the K2 tragedy in 2008 when she lost her husband.

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Follow your Dream: Cecilie Skog in the Himalayas.
Image by Ryan Waters (video screenshot) courtesy YDreamProductions, SOURCE
Cecilie and Ryan completing their South Pole crossing on the Ross Ice Shelf.
Image by Ryan Waters (video screenshot) courtesy YDreamProductions, SOURCE
Cecilie and Ryan completing their South Pole crossing on the Ross Ice Shelf.
Image by Ryan Waters (video screenshot) courtesy YDreamProductions, SOURCE
Rune enjoying a cigar on Antarctica.
Image by Rune Gjeldnes (video screenshot) courtesy YDreamProductions, SOURCE