Shackleton Epic started South Georgia mountain crossing

Posted: Feb 08, 2013 09:48 am EST

(Newsdesk) At 2200hrs GMT/UTC 07 February/0900hrs AEDT 08 February in wet, overcast conditions, with howling 30 knot winds from the south west, expedition leader Tim Jarvis and mountaineer Barry Gray set out wearing their traditional clothing, and carrying only some food, a length of rope and a carpenter’s adze to re-enact Shackleton’s crossing the South Georgia’s mountainous, crevassed interior, reported the Shackleton Epic team.

"They will be followed by two other crew members acting as support for the crossing, navigator Paul Larsen and bosun Seb Coulthard who will be wearing modern climbing gear and carrying the mandatory emergency supplies. They will also be accompanied by a film crew to record the climb hoping to reach the old whaling station at Stromness within 24 – 30 hours (Shackleton’s time was 36 hours crossing uncharted territory)."

Only two members of the Shackleton Epic team, Tim and Barry, will do the crossing as Ed Wardle and Nick Bubb are not in a position to attempt the crossing due to medical reasons. Tim Jarvis said, "After consultation with both Ed and Nick, and medical experts, we had to make the tough decision to pull them out due to the condition of their feet after the gruelling ocean crossing."

“Shackleton also had to make a similar decision – taking only the fittest men on the South Georgia crossing, giving the team the very best chance of making the crossing in the fastest time possible without loss of life and injury, to raise the alarm about his stranded men back on Elephant Island."

The route the expeditioners will take follows the similar path to Shackleton’s, says the team. They will trek up Shackleton's Gap, around the Trident, over Crean Glacier and Breakwind Ridge, down through the waterfall, across the lake, and descend through the foothills until they reach Stromness. (The climbers will not take the detour to Possession Bay as Shackleton did only to discover it did not lead to Stromness),

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The crew on the Alexandra Shackleton is: expedition leader Tim Jarvis, cameraman Ed Wardle, skipper Nick Bubb, navigator Paul Larsen, bosun Seb Coulthard, and mountaineer Barry 'Baz' Gray.
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Expedition leader Tim Jarvis and mountaineer Barry Gray, ready for the land crossing.
Image by Jo Steward courtesy Shackleton Epic, SOURCE

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