Shackleton Epic finished crevassed South Georgia crossing

Posted: Feb 11, 2013 12:24 pm EST

(Newsdesk) At 2245hrs GMT/UTC on February 10th, expedition leader and polar veteran, Tim Jarvis and mountaineer and military-trained Barry Gray, supported by navigator Paul Larsen, arrived at Stromness after a grueling three-day climb across the mountains and crevasses of South Georgia, reported the Shackleton Epic team. This is the same location where Shackleton and his men raised the alarm in 1916 that the crew of the Endurance needed rescue.

The team modern day team, dressed in Shackleton type clothes, started out on the mountain and glacier crossing of South Georgia on February 8th. They arrived at South Georgia after a 12-day sea voyage from Elephant Island on the Alexandra Shackleton.

Their website summarized the land crossing, "Jarvis and Gray were pinned down for 24 hours atop the plateau at Shackleton’s Gap on the first part of the climb by a ferocious blizzard which knocked members of the support crew and film crew off their feet in 80 knot gusts."

"Both the support team of Larsen and Coulthard along with the film crew evacuated themselves off the mountain to the support vessel, Australis moored in a nearby bay. Later, when the blizzard passed, Larsen rejoined Jarvis and Gray to provide support during the 72 hour climb across South Georgia’s crevassed and mountainous interior – a trek which saw them fall into crevasses over 20 times."

Listen here to an ABC News interview with Tim Jarvis shortly after arrival at Stormness.

Tim and Barry was initially followed by two other crew members acting as support for the crossing, navigator Paul Larsen and bosun Seb Coulthard, wearing modern climbing gear and carrying the mandatory emergency supplies. They were also accompanied by a film crew to record the climb hoping to reach the old whaling station at Stromness within 24 – 30 hours (Shackleton’s time was 36 hours crossing uncharted territory).

The crew on the Alexandra Shackleton is: expedition leader Tim Jarvis, cameraman Ed Wardle, skipper Nick Bubb, navigator Paul Larsen, bosun Seb Coulthard, and mountaineer Barry 'Baz' Gray.
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Tim Jarvis and Barry Gray at the finish line in Stormness.
Image by Jo Steward courtesy Shackleton Epic, SOURCE

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