South Pole Winter Videos: Ranulph Fiennes departs

Posted: Feb 27, 2013 09:18 pm EST

(Newsdesk) He left by Cat and Caboose from The Coldest Journey fuel depot. The team posted videos of Ran's departure, due to serious frostbite on four fingers on his left hand. He has already lost fingertips due to frostbite on a North Pole attempt, which he had reportedly cut off with a saw after he had learned about the time it would take for the doctors to do it and of the costs.

Ranulph Fiennes tells Ian Prickett he is "not happy at all" to be leaving the expedition's Ice Team after such a long time planning.

Brian, Ian, Rob, Spencer and Richmond - the remaining five members of the Ice Team - wave goodbye to Ranulph Fiennes as he begins his long journey home.

Undeterred by the loss of the team's inspirational leader, Ian Prickett talks about the plan ahead.

The Coldest Journey team plans to start on March 21st, 2013 at Crown Bay, Queen Maud Land, near the Russian coastal Science base, Novolazareskaya and cross Antarctica via the Geographic South Pole (90°S), down the Leverette Glacier to the Ross Ice Shelf and end six months later at Robert Scott's 1911-13 hut.

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The Coldest Journey

Ran in the caboose before leaving.
courtesy The Coldest Journey, SOURCE

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