Christian Redl Free-dives under Geographic North Pole ice: the most beautiful he has seen

Posted: Apr 15, 2015 11:52 pm EDT


(Correne Coetzer) Standing on 1.8m thick ice, the water depth about 2000 m, the air temperature -30ºC, the water -2º, he took one breath, and free-dived into the most beautiful underwater scene he had ever seen, Austrian Christian Redl told Explorersweb. "I went down to 30 meters, time was 1 minute... but in warm nice water I can hold my breath over 7 minutes."


For 13 years Christian fought to accomplish this dream to free-dive under North Pole ice. On April 13th it became a reality. Back in Longyearbyen from Barneo Ice Camp, Exweb caught up with him for a quick Q&A.


You said you have practiced in frozen over lakes before. Was this very different? Could you feel currents? Was there any time you felt you were in danger?


Christian: I train in sweet water frozen lakes; there the water temperature is 2 degree plus. In salt water, like under the ice at the Pole, the temperature was minus 2 degrees. But I didn't feel the cold so much, I was to overwhelmed... There was a small current, but very small, so it was very safe and I had no fear...


How did it look underwater? Did you have a light, or wasn’t it necessary?


Christian: When I dived down it was just dark, the bottom of the sea is at over 2.000 meters. But the most beautiful I ever saw underwater, when I dived up... the visibility was endless!!! I have never seen something like this before... and the ice was green and black ...


How big was the hole in the ice? Who was the support team on the ice? Was this dive near Barneo?


Christian: The ice was 1.80 meter thick!!! A small hole was made in many hours by the guys from Barneo and yes, it was near the camp.


This was your dream? Will you now dream of something else?


Christian: Yes, it was the biggest in my life and I had tears in my eyes afterwards ... now I will work on a big movie project to protect sharks!!!!!


Could Marcus get some good footage?


Christian: Yes, I think so :) I'll send you later some pics ... or check my Facebook page.



Barneo position according to their Journal

April 13, 2015

Coordinates: N89° 30’ and W020° 24' 

Distance from Pole: 55 km





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Christian Redl, "When I dived up ... the visibility was endless!!! I've never seen something like this before ... and the ice was green and black."
courtesy Marcus Fillinger / Christian Redl Facebook, SOURCE
Christian Redl's dive-mate and cameraman, Marcus Fillinger, took 2 dogs from Longyearbyen with, Balvin and Bernensen.
courtesy Marcus Fillinger , SOURCE