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Gamme and team to climb, jump and ski in Dronning Maud Land

Posted: Dec 09, 2013 12:36 pm EST


(Newsdesk) In the 2011-12 Antarctic season, Alexander Gamme, completed the first solo return journey from the coast, (Hercules Inlet) to the Geographic South Pole and back, a distance of 2,260 km. This season, mid-December, Aleks and a team will be on their way to Antarctica, this time to Dronning Maud Land (Queen Maud Land), reports Gamme.no


The team plans to do a variety of activities; climbing, BASE jumping, skiing, kite-skiing and even cycling. The ultimate goal of the expedition is to climb the technical challenging Ulvetanna via Huber route and then jump with wingsuits from the top.


Team members are: 

Espen Fadnes (34, wingsuit pilot), 

Kjersti Eide (33, nurse and wingsuit pilot ), 

Jonas Langseth (34, mountaineer, expert in mountain medicine),

Andy Kirkpatrick (42, Brit, the only non-Norwegian in the team, big wall climber, writer, stand-up comedian), 

Ingeborg Jakobsen (38, expedition filmaker; they will make a film series), and 

Gamme (37 skier, mountaineer, skydiver).


The team plans to spend 50 days in Dronning Maud Land, the Norwegian Sector of Antarctica. They are taking reportedly 900 kg of equipment with them; among this, ropes, kites, sleds, wingsuits, different types of skis. And to test ride, a fatbike. 


Gateway port to Dronning Maud Land: Cape Town, South Africa: 

To ALCI /TAC base camp Novolazarevskaya / Novo 

70° 46’37”S, 011° 49’26”E 




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Alexander Gamme, Espen Fadnes, Kjersti Eide, Jonas Langseth, Andy Kirkpatrick and Ingeborg Jakobsen will be climbing, BASE jumping (Ulvetanna), skiing, kite-skiing and even riding a fatbike during 50 days in DML (in the photo).
Meet GUS - Giant Ugly Spider. "People steal oxygen bottles from high camps on Everest, so I was worried about my caches and put an unknown specie of giant leap spiders to guard them," Aleks explained to ExplorersWeb after his South Pole return journey. "It worked!"
courtesy Aleksander Gamme, SOURCE