Married couple for South Pole 2013-14

Married couple for South Pole 2013-14

Posted: Aug 14, 2013 08:35 pm EDT

(By Correne Coetzer) An accomplished ultra-running couple from North Bend, Washington, USA, has set their eyes on the South Pole. Chris and Marty Fagan shot over some news about their expedition, called, 3 Below Zero, to ExplorersWeb.


They plan to start skiing from the Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf to the Geographic South Pole on November 23 (weather permitting, as always). The couple will be unguided, unassisted (no resupplies) and unsupported (no wind or vehicle support). They plan to haul food for approximately 45 days in their sleds, which count to 180 pounds each.


Apart from their ultra-running, trail running and mountain climbing, Chris and Marty have done some polar training under the guidance of PolarExplorers' Keith Heger. In February 2012 Chris attended a five-day polar training camp in Ely, Minnesota and in April 2012 Marty attended a five-day polar training camp in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Another polar adventurer who mentors Chris and Marty is Helen Thayer. In 1988 she was the first woman to travel solo to the 1996 position of the Magnetic North Pole, pulling her own sled without resupply at the age of 50.


On their website the couple explains the name of their expedition, 3 Below Zero, "The “3” in 3 Below Zero actually represents our team – Chris, Marty and you — our family, friends, and supporters." The couple has a 12-year-old son, Keenan.


In 2001-02, ExplorersWeb's founders, Thomas and Tina Sjogren became the first married couple to ski to the South Pole. They were self-guided, and unassisted and unsupported.  




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Chris and Marty Fagan's website


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Marty and Chris polar training.
courtesy 3 Below Zero, SOURCE
Keenan supporting Mum and Dad. (click to enlarge)
courtesy 3 Below Zero, SOURCE