Ousland teams on Patagonia Ice Caps

Posted: Nov 01, 2013 01:21 pm EDT


(By Correne Coetzer) Two teams from Borge Ousland Polar Exploration are on the Patagonia Ice Caps.


Borge himself is leading a team across the Southern Patagonia Ice Cap from Jorge Mont glacier to Cerro Torre. They started in Coyhaique in Chile and are crossing the glacier to walk out to the small town in El Chalten in Argentina. Thorleif and Vince are joining him.


On the Northern Patagonia Ice Cap, Bengt Rotmo is leading another Ousland team, Astrid, Gro and Petter. They started off in good weather, but had to sit out bad weather two days ago.


As usual the terrain is very challenging, in particular the crossing of the glaciers, but the team is strong, reported Bengt. The last glacier they crossed was the San Rafael Glacier. They started off with backpacks and sleds, and then when the crevasses were too bad they had to first take the sleds all the way down and then the backpacks.


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Bengt and team on a climbing section on the Northern Patagonia Ice Cap
courtesy Bengt Rotmo, SOURCE
Negotiating another glacier on the Northern Patagonia Ice Cap.
courtesy Bengt Rotmo, SOURCE

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