2009 HumanEdgeTech Everest and Himalaya Special, part 4: reviews of P50 and HEAT

Posted: Feb 10, 2009 07:41 pm EST

(HumanEdgeTech) In the past three entries of HET's 2009 tech week, we've covered news in satellite comms.

But what about the performance of HET products introduced last year, such as the P50 and HEAT? "A happy customer is the best advertisement," said J.C. Penney. So here goes. <cutoff>

Annapurna, Martin Minarik Oct 31, 2008 <b>HEAT</b>

"Hello Tom, just to write you that your system worked for me. In extreme cold on Northwest (out of sun) face of Annapurna I did not get any frostbite. Feel free to use my name as reference if you need to. Cheers, Martin"

Khumbu, Phil Michael Jan 30, 2009 <b>P50</b>

"..The lack of electricity in Kathmandu is kind of ridiculous though.
Luckily I have the HumanEdgeTech.com HET Power 50!"

Broad Peak winter, Don Bowie, Jan 27, 2009 <b>P50 & HEAT</b>

"Also Tom, the HET 50 is awesome. Both Robert and I will be ordering more before our next expedition. Also, I'll be reviewing the HET on my site as required equipment. Tests with the foot heaters are very positive - will give feedback after summit push."

Everest, Michael Scott Mortensen, May 2008 <b>HEAT</b>

"The heat system was awesome. I'm working on a book and film right now and will make sure to mention how warm and cozy my feet were!!! Of course we had perfect weather, so that helped to, but the 'insurance' made me all the more prepared for summit day."

South Pole, Poppis Suomela, Feb 5, 2009 <b>P50</b>

"As we wrote in our web pages, we managed with P50 very well. It was used everyday. We charged it full during daytime (in our charge box) and recharged batteries inside the tent during nighttime. That was just good size for our purposes, enough power, not too heavy. It was easy to use and it is good idea that we can charge all batteries with same accu."

"The USB contact was handy too, f. ex the battery of our wrist GPS watch SUUNTOx10 was empty after one day use (I carried it every day) so we could charge it every night. I wouldnt leave on a big expedition anymore without that kind of system."

"One connector (as you know) was too weak, but we didnt have any problem because of our self made protector. It's important to choose the right output voltage. We tried to charge batteries once with totally too high volts and after that one of our chargers went broken, so better to be more carefully with charge levels all the time."

<b>More about the products</b>

At $234 - the HET foot/hand warming system keeps hands and feet toasty all the way up to the summit of Everest. <a class="linkstylenews" href="http://www.humanedgetech.com/news.php?id=16641">Read more.</a> Similar systems are also available in selected skiing stores; HET's power solution is however adapted to high altitude mountaineering.

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"How do I charge my laptop from a solar panel?" HET introduced the Power 50 smart battery only months ago. It will charge all your devices including your laptop and recharge from solar power ranging from 1W to 100W! <a class="linkstylenews" href="http://www.humanedgetech.com/shop/product.php?productid=184&cat=4&page=1">HET P50.</a>

<a class="linkstylenews" href="http://www.humanedgetech.com/news.php?id=17651" target="_new"> Previous - HumanEdgeTech proudly presents: P50 - the missing link</a>

Both products are already among our top sellers and we've had no returns (except for one unwrapped HEAT system). Thanks for the feedback, guys!
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HEAT will keep your feet and hands warm on Everest.
HET's foot/hand warming power solution is adapted to high altitude mountaineering.
P50 comes with 8 adapter tips that will work with most major brands of computers and plugs for NERA, Sabre Wideye, Hughes, Iridium, Thuraya and other sat phones/BGANs. (Click to enlarge)

P50 smart battery will power your laptop from solar but has to be protected on the ice...

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