“The Most Hellish Day I Can Ever Imagine”

Briton, Robert McArthur and Scot, Poldy van Lynden are attempting an all-human-power ultra-triathlon from Marble Arch in London to Svalbard in the Arctic. The journey will consist of 1) Three marathons from London to Dover; 2) swimming the English Channel; 3) cycling from Calais, France, across Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and then to Tromso, Norway; and 4) rowing from Tromso to Longyearbyen, Svalbard in the Arctic. They are doing this to raise money for The Scouts, young adventurers in the UK.

Rob and Poldy start off from the cliffs of Dover

Both Rob and Poldy successfully swam across the English Channel, the second phase in their astonishing ultra-triathalon journey to the Arctic, after a triple marathon across England. It seemed very difficult for both, taxing their endurance. Both jumped into the water off Dover at around 7AM.

Rob, who predicted it would take him 15 hours, finished the swim in only 12 hours and 40 minutes. “I never want to do that again” said Rob, “It was the most hellish day I can ever imagine”. He stated at that time he was worried whether Poldy would still make it. Poldy continued on into night.

“I never want to do that again”, Rob McArthur

After 18.5 hours Poldy finally stood up on the beaches of France in pitch black around 1AM. “I got stuck in a corner, just west of where you’re meant to land”, said Poldy. “Definitely the toughest thing I’ve ever done”.

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