Peter Gostelow Africa cycle update: Mosquito bed nets and unspoiled beaches

Peter Gostelow Africa cycle update: Mosquito bed nets and unspoiled beaches

Posted: Aug 30, 2010 05:15 am EDT

Peter has been out on the road from London to Cape Town through Africa for a year now. He is currently in Liberia where the food prices are very high. When he was in Sierra Leone he helped handed out mosquito bed nets as malaria kills millions of people in Africa.


Peter spent some time in Monrovia the capital of Liberia. He said most foodstuffs are far more expensive than in supermarkets back home in the UK, because almost everything is of course imported and then heavily taxed.

The cashier seemed surprised when I handed over a small bundle of Liberian dollars to pay for my items. Here most people (foreigners) pay in US $. I can even withdraw them from an ATM, which came as a surprise.

Recently he has been cycling surrounded by rubber trees in the Liberian jungle, but had no chance of getting a replacement for his damaged front tire. In some markets in bigger towns he could get replacement tires.

Sierra Leone

Before crossing Liberia, Peter has been in Sierra Leone.

He stated that Sierra Leones claim to having some of the finest beaches in Africa is no overstatement. What makes the miles of palm-fringed white sand special is that its largely unspoilt.

Peter visited a dilapidated French tourist resort which used to cater for 500 people and employing over 400 members of staff. The place closed in 1995 and all that remains now are a few roofless concrete blocks. The jungle has taken over the rest.

Also in Sierra Leone, he had a rewarding and insightful experience when, over the space of a week in more than a dozen villages he helped open and hand-out about 2000 mosquito nets. He hopes that by sharing the pictures it will encourage more people to donate money to fund bed nets for the next distribution he becomes involved in.

Machete attack

It is five months now since the machete attack on Peter. He reported, There remains a slight stiffness and swelling around the scar, and I dont have the same amount of flexibility as I do in my right wrist. I possibly never will, but all things considered, things could have been a lot worse. Ive wisely stopped walking alone in African cities at night.

Peter Gostelow, who lives in Dorset (UK) when he is not on his bicycle, was born in 1979 and became an English teacher and long distance cycler. During 2005 to 2008 he cycled from Japan to the UK, a distance of 50,000 km. Currently he is cycling from London, through Africa, to Cape Town; a 20,000+ km distance which will take two year to finish. He started on 16 August 2009.

Peter charity Against Malaria: Click here


Peter: I chose to sit on the roof of the mini-bus as we drove between villages [distributing bed nets]. Fortunately most of the distribution was done without it raining. (click to enlarge)
courtesy Peter Gostelow, SOURCE
Bales of bed nets were loaded into a mini-bus at the start of each day and driven, along with the team of distributors, to one of the villages within the chiefdom. (click to enlarge)
Image by Peter Gostelow, SOURCE
Before visiting each house within the village, people would gather together to be instructed on how to use and maintain their bed nets. (click to enlarge)
Image by Peter Gostelow, SOURCE
Once the insecticide-treated nets were given to families they were hung up so as to allow them to ventilate. What matters is whether the nets are used in the long-term. (click to enlarge)
Image by Peter Gostelow, SOURCE