Sherri Jo Wilkins rides solo around the world

Sherri Jo Wilkins rides solo around the world

Posted: Sep 28, 2010 12:00 pm EDT

Siberia is the best!! Sherri Jo exclaims for ExWeb; Beautiful country! Hospitality galore! Again tonight, I rode 851 km today, completely jet lagged, and wonderful motorcyclists here especially Walter- in Novosibirsk took me in, fed me, gave me a home to stay in.. I am so lucky and loving these people! It is 2:30 AM, my body still on American time, wide awake.

Sherri Jo Wilkins has travelled 188 days since she decided to set out from Australia on her world tour. On her way to Siberia, she has passed through countries like Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea. She has now reached one of the toughest places on earth to travel in, Siberia, which is for her, as for so many other travellers, a great surprise!


Siberia for me has been a huge pleasant surprise, she tells ExWeb in awe, Incredibly beautiful land, a place I have connected to the most of any country or land so far. The people, in particular the Yakutia people and their culture have surprised me, so close to Native American Indian. I did not know that before.

Reading her blog is a very pleasant surprise. So different from far too many travellers self obsessed theme of being strong, the best and unique. For once, ExWebs editor enjoys every post! Sherri Jo continuous to talk about her love for the locals when chatting to ExWeb:


And of coarse the hospitality that has redefined hospitality in my eyes. To be taken in by family after family, as if we had known them for all our lives. Treated like royalty.. all the way across from Magadan to where I am now in Novosibirsk. The Russian people do not fail and I love them!

Sherri Jo, a native of Indianapolis has an astute eye for detail and this passage for example after arriving in Vladivostok, makes reading a joy:

I have to say it started to get really depressing for me to walk around the streets in my "travel" gear... Light weight, easy dry pants, t-shirt, and tennis shoes - woo hoo! Completely surrounded all day long with all the sparkles and high heels, I was doing my best not to buy some.. Guys would hate reading this, but I would walk out of building, and see shoes everywhere, and ones so cool, they would make me stop dead in my tracks and wish I could have those shoes!!!

The Road of Bones

Followed by a report a few days later, whilst riding the Road of Bones::

The water crossings diminish, thank the Lord! I enjoyed my lessons, but I was ready to finish... are we nearly there yet?? The answer I get is no, we are about 1/2 way.. Bummer! Because this road is really tiring me out, down right exhausting! So we stop for a break.. and all I can think of is that we have to go back out the same way we came in... ugh!

Sherri Jo Wilkins still has a long way she has come about half way- to go to complete her amazing journey around the world, but she has passed the infamous Road of Bones, named so due to the fact that so many zeks, prisoners of the gulags, lost their lives whilst building this road. Most of them during the extreme winter. A fact Sherri Jo has to keep in mind, because she still have a long way heading west, just to pass through Russia. And winter is on its way in..

Stayed tuned to see how it goes!

Sherri Jo is born in Indianapolis in the east of the United States, Sherri grew up initially in Indianapolis with her family before moving to rural Indiana and attending a small country school. As the eldest of three children Sherri Jo went on to college, and eventually ended up working for her family business. But all the way through college and in her early working life there was a yearning for adventure that would not go away.

Sherri Jo wanted to travel the world and had to work out a way to do that. A strong believer in fate, one day she came across an opportunity to join a group of people heading out from Australia (that country across the other side of the daggone world!) to sail across to Tonga and the surrounding islands on a new custom built yacht.

This seemed like an opportunity for the adventure travel she had been yearning for so she applied, got accepted and much to her familys dismay at seeing her go she packed her bags and headed down under to begin her new adventure. This fateful decision took her on a journey around the islands with a documentary film crew and the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way she fell in love with Australia, specifically South Australia and has spent much of the last 10 years living there and is now an Australian citizen! Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!

Sherri Jos previous travel adventures had also allowed her to indulge another passion she has for the preservation of wildlife and in particular Tigers. Her interaction with animals varies from time spent swimming with whales in Tonga and spending a large amount of time volunteering during an extended visit back home in Indiana with the Exotic Feline Rescue Center, in Center Point Indiana. This love for animals, and in particular Tigers will feature strongly in Sherri Jos Because I can world tour.

So why take on this mammoth challenge now?...

Well because she can!

So why not go big? thus the mission became to achieve the biggest challenge she could ever set for herself. An around the world solo motorbike journey while filming a documentary of the stories, the people and the highs and lows of her travels.

She had owned and ridden a Harley for many years in the States, had acted as a navigator and co pilot in light aircraft and had sailed a yacht dodging pirates through the islands of the pacific surely this was the next logical step.

The big difference though she is doing this solo on her own with no other travelling companion. So the challenges are great; purchasing a new bike (which one, whats best), learning to ride it confidently, organizing all the required gear whats the best equipment to buy, packing up her belongings, planning for various visas plus transport for herself plus shipping of the bike have meant many hours spent researching, discussing and organizing - but the time is here.

Amazingly, as the challenges have arisen, the universe has arrived with the right solution at just the right time. People have turned up to help with training, modifying the bike, with welcome sponsorships and support and offering help and advice. So all that is left is to face the fear and do it anyway. To take any problems and turn them into solutions as and when they arise. To transmute uncertainty into confidence and persistence and to enjoy the ride.

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travelling on the infamous Road of Bones of Siberia!
Image by Sherri Jo Wilkins courtesy Sherri Jo Wilkins, SOURCE
Sherri o together with Yakuts, who came to Siberia 5000 years ago on horseback.
Image by Sherri Jo Wilkins courtesy Sherri Jo Wilkins, SOURCE
Sherri Jo dreamed about getting high heeled shoes in Vladivostok and this is one of several photos she took on shoes she wanted.....
Image by Sherri Jo Wilkins courtesy Sherri Jo Wilkins, SOURCE