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Earth Mater 2011 Himalaya expedition finished

Posted: May 16, 2011 10:44 am EDT

(Press release) Davide Peluzzi and his Expedition Earth Mater 2011 team have recently completed their climb and scientific research in the Rowling Kumbu in the Himalayas. Earth Mater undertakes expeditions in areas such as Greenland, the Himalaya, Andes and Africa to do research about the people living in remote areas.

Here goes their press release:

On May 8, Earth Mater 2011 successfully finished their scientific mountaineering expedition; dedicated to Franco Varrassi and Gabriella A. Massa.

From 17 April to 8 May 2011 they trekked and climbed more than 151 km in the Himalayas to the remote Rolwaling Kumbu Valley (Everest region-area). Starting from an altitude of 968 m, the expedition members have passed through numerous frozen glaciers, gaining altitude in harsh weather conditions.

During a massive snow storm on top of Tashi LAPC (lit. "place where the stones are deposited in honor of the gods benevolent"), at 5800 m, they placed a stone taken from the Italian garden, Vittoriale. The stone is engraved with the words of Italian poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, "If the stone is the child of light."

The expedition members have carried out further sampling of rocks; a Hermes Experiment on behalf of the INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Gran Sasso).

People of the Himalaya

The group had meetings with local people in the Rolwaling Valley for studies and research on shamanism and eating habits in high altitude villages of Na (4200m) and Beding (3600 m), to increase the data and samples of oral mucosa for the study of DNA genetics.

They also had formal meetings in Kathmandu with Prof.Dr. Prem Kumar Katry and the Secretary of Culture affairs of Nepal; in collaboration with a development and a better human relations between the villages and the members of the Himalayan expeditions.

At Namche Bazar Davide Peluzzi met and interviewed Anu Sherpa, a member of first Italian expedition to Everest in 1973 with expedition leader Guido Monzino. It was a great thrill to hear his words and description of the slope and the placement of camps on the South Col of Everest, says Pelussi. Anu Sherpa remembers the humanity of Guido Monzino.


After finishing the section in the mountains, the group of mountaineers met in Kathmandu with the International Team of Perigeo Onlus. During the following days formal meetings were held with Prof. Prem Kumar Khatry, representative of the Society for Resource Conservation, Disaster Management and Community Development (SRDC).

In the course of these meetings a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Perigeo Onlus and the SRDC. He also held a meeting with the Undersecretary for Cultural Heritage of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Jal Krishna Shrestha.

On May 4, a live telephone conference was made with the XXXVI Meeting Macroproblems 2011: A Road Map To The Priorities For The Environment by the young developers, organized by Prof. Augusta Busico the Presidency of the Council of Ministers at the National Library Rome.

We thank you for your cooperation and support; the company Mico Sport for the high altitude clothes, the CAI of Teramo, Intermatica, the Regional Council of Abruzzo, Dr. Alessandro Sounds LPM, Dr. Pierluigi Caruso and components of the Earth team in Italy Mater (Dr. Roberto Madrigali, Dr. Alexander Pines, Professor and Professor Augusta Busico Giordano Bruno Guerri).

Team members:

Davide Peluzzi (Climber Leader)
Gianluca Frinchillucci
Federico Spada (Climber)
Biagio Mengoli (Climber)
Paolo De Laurentis (Climber)
Roberto Ferrante (Climber)
Paolo Trentini (Climber)
Marija Herzeg
Alessandra Poggi
Giorgio Marinelli

Franco Varrassi was a close friend and climbing partner of Davide Peluzzi and a member Earth Mater 2011, who died on the Gran Sasso, Italy in 2008, falling on an icy glacier. Gabriella Massa was a researcher and scholar of Arctic peoples. She died a few months ago from an incurable disease, and was part of Davide Peluzzi Explora Perigeo team.


courtesy Davide Peluzzi

courtesy Davide Peluzzi

courtesy Davide Peluzzi

courtesy Davide Peluzzi

courtesy Davide Peluzzi

courtesy Davide Peluzzi

courtesy Davide Peluzzi

courtesy Davide Peluzzi