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Marcin Gienieczko to traverse South America via the Amazon

Posted: Feb 08, 2015 08:46 am EST


(By Correne Coetzer) Polish globetrotter and sportsman, Marcin Gienieczko sent over news to Explorersweb about his next expedition. On May 1st, 2015 he will start a traverse of South America via the Amazon. 


First he will start off on a 750 km bicycle ride from Lima, Peru, to a small town, San Francisco. Thereafter he will attempt canoeing the Apurimac River, Ene, Tambo, Ucayali and Amazonas, in total 6130 km. His final leg is running with the Polish flag from Belem in Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean.


For the largest part of the route, Macin will attempt the expedition alone and will only have a guide during the crossing of the drug zone, he said. “The guide is Gadiel Sanchez Rivera, who walked with Ed Stafford along the Amazon shores."


Marcin emphasized that this is a huge feat as it will challenge his psychological  and physical strength. "That is not a place for amateurs, only for experienced globetrotters."


He added, “Travelling, canoeing and taking photographs are my great passions. I am the first Pole to float the Yukon River and the other rivers in Alaska, Siberia and Canada. In 2009 I crossed Siberia on foot in minus 50 degrees. In 2012 I canoed the Lena River, the longest Siberian river, 4328 km."



Marcin Gienieczko's previous expeditions:


•cycling tour around Poland

•hike from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic

•horseback ride across Mongolia (800 km)

•rock-climbing in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania

•sea voyage to Libya

expedition to the source of the Lena River (Siberia)

•winter expedition to Lapland

•rafting along the Vistula River (1000 km within 18 days)

•visit of Shaolin - a stay in a monastery

•expedition to the Himalayas – taking photos

•expedition to India

•the Bieszczady Mountains – a winter hike (Poland)

•8-month stay in Alaska among trappers; bear hunting

•rafting along the Yukon River (3100 km, 76 days)

•canoeing trip along the Thomson River (British Columbia)

•canoeing trip along McKanzie River (4000 km from The Rocky Mountains to the Arctic Ocean). He was awarded by famous travellers and journalists as the first Pole who achieved this.

•sea voyage to Zemlya Frantsa Iosifa and Spitsbergen


Biography courtesy of Marcin Gienieczko 


He was born in Kętrzyn in 1978. He is a journalist by profession. Travelling, sailing and taking photographs are his great passions. Marcin started with hikes in the Tatra and Bieszczady Mountains. He organized a cycling expedition round Poland, wandered Europe along its length and breadth, climbed mountains in Spain and Romania, explored northern regions of Mongolia on horseback getting to the Tsaan tribe, visited Kurdistan and China, and wrote several articles about the Shaolin temples. During his stay there Maricn was also learning kung fu and deepening his knowledge about Zen. Lost in the Siberian taiga, he survived by a miracle. He sailed a boat on Lake Baykal. Like Ernest Hemingway he caught marlins and tunnies off the coast of Libya. Marcin lead a happy life in Monte Carlo. He floated the Vistula River on a raft, and has spent three weeks in Lapland lately. He is the author of two exhibitions "Sentimental travels" and "Pyrenees by foot". Marcin is a member of Polish Journalists' Association as well as International Federation of Journalist. He set up a private agency, PerDido. His motto: "Live strongly and intensively”.





Marcin’s pages:












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Marcin emphasized that the crossing is a huge feat as it will challenge his psychological and physical strength.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Marcin will only have a guide while traveling through the drug zone in the Amazon.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE