UK Expedition Medicine Course

-1 hour from London
-Taught by qualified doctor with expedition experience
-2 days of practical & useful training
Certified by the U.K Society of Extreme, Expedition and Wilderness Medicine
-Taught in small group

Due to demand and a clear need for those undertaking challenging expeditions to have a basic level of practical first aid skills, ExplorersWeb has teamed up with Rapid Response Adventure Medicine to provide Expedition Medicine training to our community. Taught by a qualified doctor with extensive outdoor/expedition experience, the course will be completed over 2 days to ensure a robust, engaging, relevant and clinically-sound experience. Meeting first aid requirements for outdoor instructor qualifications, this course also covers content relevant to remote/expedition environments in addition to the everyday to ensure a solid base of knowledge, skills and confidence. From altitude sickness and frostbite to snake bites and mosquito borne diseases; from common medical emergencies to hemorrhage control to head trauma; from sepsis to basic life support until medical help is available.
This is not a turn up and pass course – it is content heavy and there will be continual assessment by the attending medic to ensure you are competent across the board to ensure you can be of value on expedition. Certified by the U.K Society of Extreme, Expedition and Wilderness Medicine. Cost is £250 and includes a certificate clearly stating the syllabus covered, signed off by the attending medic. There are only 15 places per course available and they will be run at a location 1-hour outside of London at the end of January 2019. Content is taught via scenarios, lectures, practicals and informal discussion. Please email Nikki McLeary for a copy of the syllabus and to register your interest.