Sean Burch crossed Nepal in new record time!

Sean Burch crossed Nepal in new record time!

Posted: Oct 11, 2010 06:31 pm EDT

When Sean Burched reached the Tibetian border two days ago that was the fastest crossing of Nepal in the history. It took him 49 days.

Which is 19 days faster than the previous record set by Rosie Swale Pope 2003. And it was 11 days faster than the goal he set before starting his quest. But it has been a very demanding run and the 48th day he wrote this on his web:

"Tomorrow is a big day, one of the biggest in my adventure life for sure. Must get over the climbing and high altitude to reach Hilsa Tibet border before sunsetAll the pain and experiences of this expedition I hope to use for one very strong mental and physical pounding."

49 days of drama

Which he turned out in style. But every historical record has a price. It has been 49 days filled with drama, like landslides, leeches, problems with porters, stomach disease and two days before reaching his goal he wrote this:

"After yesterdays sufferfest, I knew today would be easier in comparison. Got only 4 hours sleep, so I was wasted anyway. All new crew for the border - sidar, cook, 2 porters, 3 mules. keeping it fresh and light in manpower because Im paranoid about something going wrongalthough Ive learned through this journey, everything and anything can go wrong. Had to organize equipment, food, tents, loads, etcso got a late start. Once I got in a rhythm I didnt stop until I reached Kermi. Waited over 2.5 hours for the rest of the group and mules with all the gear. Luckily, there was a teahouse so I sipped tea and watched a drunken man on Roxy make funny noises and mimic Ladka from the show Taxi."

Fantastic record

It is a fantastic record and ExWeb has requested an interview with Sean, who has used Contact 5 for his exhilarating reports throughout the run. Stay tuned and congratulations to Sean. Maybe celebrate with a bottle of Roxy?

Sean Burch is well known for his super-fast ascents on high mountains and is crossing Nepal on foot from border-to-border (India to Tibet) on the Great Himalaya Trail. He will be doing over 500,000 feet of climbing and running at altitudes over 20,000 ft. Sean plans to run and climb 10-15 hours a day to complete the trail in 60 days. He says the average time for doing this trail is 157 days.

He started his run/trek/climb on August 22, 2010.

The American lives the Washington D.C. area. His favorite foods are shashimi and venison. The last book he read is Tears in the Darkness - about the Bataan death march and his favorite movies are Spinal Tap and Best in Show.

Sean follows a Hyperfitness Living mental, physical, and nutritional program and has achieved the following:

- World Record: Fastest Winter Ascent of Mt. Fuji, Japan: 4:05:42
- World Record: 63 Summits of Unclimbed Peaks in 23 Days, Solo, Tibet
- Guinness World Record: Fastest Ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro: 5:28:48
- Guinness World Record: Fastest Time for Northern Most Marathon (First Marathon and wearing snowshoes)
- First Place: North Pole Marathon
- Mt. Everest (29,035ft): Summit, Solo, and almost completely without bottled oxygen
- Guinness World Record: Jump Rope at Altitude 26,181ft.
- USA Record Speed Ascent, Aconcagua (22,841ft.): Solo, Argentina, Highest Peak in Southern and Western Hemisphere
- First in World: 14 1st Ascents, 2 Solo 1st Ascents Previously Unmapped and Unexplored Mountain Areas within Arctic Circle in East Greenland
- Shishapangma (26,552ft.): Summit, 13th Highest Mountain in the World, Tibet, No Bottled Oxygen
- First in World: 3 1st Ascents, St. Elias Range, Alaska

Sean is a freelance writer, who wrote the highly received fitness/wellness book,
Hyperfitness, 12 Weeks to Conquering Your Inner Everest and Getting into the Best Shape of Your Life (click here) (Published by Penguin Group USA) and DVD video supplements. The book is also available at and other Internet bookstores.

He will be raising funds and awareness for the Nepal Trust Organization, and the Love Hope Strength foundation The non-profit Nepal Trust organizations current project works in Nepal are in primary healthcare, renewable energy, education, sustainable tourism and heritage preservation. The Love Hope Strength Foundation in the U.S. campaigns to save lives for those with cancer.

Another focus is his eagerness to bring attention to the very remote 'Hidden Himalaya' of Nepal, where Sean will be:
1) documenting historic and very famous Buddhist monasteries (many previously unseen by Westerners), and their cultural diversities; and
2) joining school children in the U.S. with children in makeshift schools in remote Himalayan villages.

Sean Burch is going to be the first to use the new CONTACT Augmented in addition to CONTACT5 to report during the 60 days on the Nepal trail.

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Sean Burch crossed Nepal in new record time! It took him 49 days, 19 days faster than the previous record. Images by Contact 5.
Image by Sean Burch courtesy Sean Burch, SOURCE
It has been 49 days filled with drama, like landslides, leeches, problems with porters, stomach disease. Images by Contact 5.
Image by Sean Burch courtesy Sean Burch, SOURCE
Leeches was one of the main problems. Images by Contact 5.
Image by Sean Burch courtesy Sean Burch, SOURCE