100 Adventure Films to Stream for Free, Part III

From mountain biking to kayak expeditions, from Himalayan summits to arctic dogsledding, this collection of 100 films, both classic and contemporary, offers something for everyone.

  1. Never Die Easy: At 76 years old, Dag is a living legend. Existing entirely off-the-grid and without the trappings of modern society, he is closer to freedom than most could ever imagine. If that isn’t enough, Dag dedicates his life to living out his greatest passion, training for a 125km Ultra-Marathon with which he holds the record for the oldest person ever to complete the race.
  2. Blood Road: Rebecca Rusch cycles thousands of kilometres along the Ho Chi Minh Trail through the jungles of Vietnam. The goal is to reach the site where her father, a U.S. Air Force pilot, was shot down in Laos more than 40 years earlier.
  3. Hilly Skiing: Is it possible to ski at least once a month in Scotland for a year, or even 10 years? This follows the story of one remarkable Scottish skier — Helen “Hilly” Rennie.
  4. Wild Legacy: Douglas Tompkins was a world-renowned adventurer, entrepreneur, conservationist and co-founder of The North Face and Esprit. Wild Legacy tells the story of Tompkins’ incredible life and his lasting impact on the wild landscapes of Patagonia.
  5. Stone Monkey: A seminal climbing film on one-of-a kind British climber Johnny Dawes, one of the top stone masters of the 1980s.
  6. Comrades of Chaos: An attempt to repeat the Russian route on the North Face of the Eiger in the winter of 2015. One member had never worn crampons before, and none of the team had ever met each other before.
  7. Alone On The Ice: Hear the gripping account of Australian Douglas Mawson’s harrowing solo trek across Antarctic ice, battling hunger, dire circumstances and deadly crevasses, as told by award-winning writer David Roberts.
  8. Land Shaped By Women: As pro snowboarders who’ve fought for gender parity in their sport, Anne-Flore Marxer and Aline Bock spend a winter in Iceland, the UN’s number one-ranked nation for gender equality.
  9. Attack of La Nina: This film chronicles the snowiest North American winter in recent history and showcases the talents of today’s best skiers during this special year.



  10. Aconcagua: A self-shot and edited film detailing what it takes to climb and summit the highest peak in South America and the highest point in the world outside the Himalaya.
  11. Path Of Grey Owl: This film follows woodsman Ray Mears through the wilderness of Temagami, Canada as he explores the path of acclaimed author and conservationist Grey Owl (also known as Archibald Belaney).
  12. First repeat of Metanoia: First repeat of Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia on the Eiger North Face by Stephan Siegrist, Thomas Huber and Roger Schaeli.
  13. Alone: Set in the magnificent Siberian immensity, Sylvain Tesson, a writer and adventurer, spent six months alone on Lake Baikal, completely cut off from the outside world.
  14. Annapurna III – Unclimbed: David Lama, Hansjörg Auer and Alex Blümel attempt one of the world’s greatest, unsolved puzzles of alpinism: The unclimbed southeast ridge of Annapurna III.
  15. Aziza: Set in the streets of Bou Tharar and the wide, craggy valleys of the lower Atlas, this is the story of a young woman who has thrived in the world of ultra-racing.
  16. Face-to-Face: Lorenz Frutiger and Louis Laurent revisit the North Face of the Eiger in order to discover what makes it a great climb, to embrace its verticality pitch by pitch and to share the myth of the Eiger.
  17. Without a Partner: In 2016, Pete Whittaker became the first person to solo — all free — El Capitan in under 24 hours, finishing in 20 hours and 6 minutes.
  18. Inis Mór: Steve McClure teams up with Irish legend Ricky Bell for a mission to the wild island of Inis Mór, off the coast of Ireland. The sheer cliffs are famous for their unrelenting sport routes, but can they succeed in their trad climbing mission?
  19. Camel Finds Water: Trevor found the hull of an abandoned fishing boat in a field. He brought it home and built it back to a seaworthy state over the course of a summer. Then he took it on its maiden voyage to British Columbia in search of waves.

    We Live in the Arctic, 1947.


  20. We Live in The Arctic: An archival silent film on the lives of homesteaders in the Brooks Mountain Range of Alaska.
  21. Baffin Island: High in the Canadian Arctic, five skiers venture to the frozen fjords of eastern Baffin Island during spring time.
  22. The World Above: Ines Papert, Luka Lindic and Paul McSorley make a first ascent of Slanghoek, South Africa’s highest big wall.
  23. A Skier Knows: Henrik Windstedt and Matilda Rapaport take on mighty mountain faces of Alaska. An enchanting journey deep into the mind of a freeskier.
  24. Wrangelled: Four friends ventured into a remote section of Alaska to live on a glacier for two weeks, setting up base camp in the centre of untouched terrain.
  25. The Lost Valley: Where does a journey begin and end? Off grid in Patagonia, the stakes are high. Consequence and weather are constant travel companions on the way to sending La Vuelta de los Condores (5.11 A2).
  26. Between The Peaks: In 2013, three friends set off on an original adventure to climb two of the 7 Summits while volunteering in every country they passed while traveling between Argentina and Alaska.
  27. Mountain of Ice: A journey to the highest point in Antarctica conjures up images of the early days of polar exploration.
  28. Where Dreams Go To Die: Follow Canadian ultrarunner, Gary Robbins, during his two attempts at completing The Barkley Marathons.
  29. Everest 1984: A small Australian team headed to the north side of Everest, where they proceeded to prepare to ascend an unclimbed route on the north face in a lightweight alpine style, without either bottled oxygen or the help of high-altitude porters.

    Distance Between Dreams.


  30. Distance Between Dreams: A crew of top surfers attempts one of the world’s biggest waves: Jaws. Already formidable, the Hawaiian break’s been sent to new heights by El Niño.
  31. Bridwell’s Last: The last interview with the legendary American climber and alpinist Jim Bridwell.
  32. Life Is On Ice: Filmed a few weeks ago on a rare perfect day on Ben Nevis, Dave MacLeod reflects on what life in lockdown means for climbers, and looks forward to the day when we can return to the mountains.
  33. The Running Pastor: Sverri Steinholm grew up chasing sheep up and down the rugged, exposed slopes of the Faroe Islands. Today he is a pastor and a compulsive runner, finding solace and spiritual refuge from personal conflicts and the burdens of priesthood on the trails and roads of his homeland.
  34. Indian Face: A terrifyingly blank climb in North Wales that really put climber Johnny Dawes on the map.
  35. He Who Dares: Tony Streather was a British Army officer and mountaineer who was the first man to climb two peaks higher than 25,000 ft.
  36. Ogre New Route: Hayden Kennedy and Kyle Dempster describe their new route on the South Face of the Ogre in Pakistan.
  37. Road From Karakol: In 2011, Kyle Dempster took off on his bike across Kyrgyzstan with a couple of mostly accurate maps, a trailer full of climbing gear and a vocabulary of 10 Kyrgyz words.
  38. Tien Shan: Four skiers travel to the Tien Shan mountains and confront snow conditions that they have never seen before.
  39. Shelter: A tale of five adventurers back on the boards. Their passion: the most beautiful summits in the world and the freedom to ride them.

    Going In.


  40. Going In: Get up close and personal with MTB athletes as they experience the highs and lows of training, racing and living for the sport they love.
  41. Holy (Un) Holy River: 5,500 Metres/2,500 Kilometres/500 Million people/One River — India’s Ganges.
  42. Ned Feehally: British climber Ned Feehally has consistently performed at a very high level within a number of different bouldering disciplines.
  43. Standing Man: After a fantastic season-opening win at the Landrun 100, Payson McElveen decided to tackle one of the most iconic records in American cycling: the White Rim MTB Trail.
  44. Turn Of Mind: Nicholas Wolken spends time in the Swiss mountains with his splitboard, good friends and an open mind.
  45. Sea Kayak Around Ireland: A 45-minute documentary that tells the story of two Irish kayakers who take on their dream journey of circumnavigating their country.
  46. Mont Blanc Trail Running: A small team of runners head to Chamonix, France to compete in some of the biggest mountain running events in the world.
  47. Stone Love: The story of five of Britain’s strongest climbers –- Malcolm Smith, Jerry Moffatt, Ben Moon, Richie Patterson, Andy Harris –- on a week-long trip to the granite bouldering mecca of Cresciano in Switzerland.
  48. Roadless: In 2019, Bryan Iguchi teamed up with fellow snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Travis Rice to explore an untamed part of Wyoming on a 10-day human-powered expedition.
  49. Slovak Direct: Nick Bullock and Andy Houseman make a rare ascent (6th overall) of the Slovak Direct on the nearly 3,000m South Face of 6194m Denali in Alaska.

    Way of the Wild Card.


  50. Way Of The Wild Card: Growing up on the banks of the White Nile, Sadat Kawawa quickly fell in love with kayaking, a sport rarely pursued by his countrymen.
  51. Out In The Sierra: Kalen Thorien, a professional skier and adventurer, decided to spend her summer on a 435km, 18 day, solo high traverse in the Sierra Nevada.
  52. Skagerrak: Follow pro stand-up paddler Casper Steinfath as he attempts to become the first person to paddle from Denmark to Norway.
  53. In The Bubble: Andy Earl is one of Britain’s most accomplished climbers, from hard, dangerous first ascents in Northumberland, to performing at the highest level in World Cup competitions. In 2010, tragedy struck and changed the Earls lives forever.
  54. Wolfpack: High in the San Juan Mountains above Silverton, Colorado, a pack of runners roam. Together they traverse mountain meadows and navigate mineral-stained peaks through the rugged landscape of their backyard.
  55. Surfing Under Northern Lights: Over the last decade, two surfers traveled across the globe seeking out waves in some of the coldest and most remote conditions on the planet.
  56. The Ingenious Choice: Mountain runner Anton Krupicka explores mountain wildernesses, racing 100 miles and reflecting on what makes mountain running essential to him.
  57. Winterland: Follow an adventurous group of skiers and snowboarders as they leave their mark on fabled locations and chase the ghosts of the greats.
  58. Among the Giants of the Alps: The 330km TOR des géants is a race in the Italian Alps. This film follows a first-time competitor.
  59. Higher Ground: Thomas de Dorlodot and Horacio Llorens journey across the Himalaya, covering roughly 350km and becoming the first paragliders to fly over Rohtang Pass.

    When Hell Freezes Over.


  60. When Hell Freezes Over: 100 minutes of the best of climber and raconteur Andy Kirkpatrick’s live talks.
  61. Honnold’s Mum: At the age of 66, Dierdre Wolownick became the oldest woman to climb El Capitan in Yosemite. Her other claim to fame is that she’s Alex Honnold’s mum.
  62. Nyainqentangla: In 2016, Nick Bullock and Paul Ramsden made the first ascent of Nyainqentangla South East (7,046m) in Tibet via the North Buttress. Their first route together, it was a leap of faith in the best possible style: an unclimbed face in a virtually unknown valley.
  63. The Hulk: Climbing legend Peter Croft mentors boulderer Lisa Rands on the finer points of alpine free climbing in California’s Sierra Nevada.
  64. Bugaboo Classics: The towering granite spires of the Bugaboos in British Columbia are legendary. Known as one of the greatest alpine playgrounds in all of North America, Bugaboo Provincial Park holds a long list of classic climbs with deep history in the rock world.
  65. A New Vision: The late Ueli Steck imagines climbing multiple peaks in the Swiss Alps in a day, using a paraglider to get from the summit of one to the base of the next.
  66. La Dura Complete: Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra spent two years working together to climb La Dura Dura (5.15c / 9b+), the world’s hardest climb.
  67. 55 Hours In Mexico: For those with 9 to 5 office jobs, the weekend is a source of freedom and balance. How adventurous can one get on a single weekend and 55 hours away from home?
  68. Frozen Mind: Snowboarder Victor de Le Rue is testing the limits of what is possible and challenges himself against unforgiving, ice-covered slopes in Chamonix.
  69. Roraima: Climbing in Guyana with well-known climbers Joe Brown, Don Whillans, Hamish Macinnes way back in 1974.
  70. RJ Ripper: Since learning to ride on a beat-up clunker, to becoming the four-time National MTB Champion at age 21, RJ’s story is one of boundless childhood dreaming and unstoppable determination, forged from junkyard scraps and tested on the rugged trails of the mighty Himalaya.
  71. Aniakchak: Graham and Shannon are experienced athletes in alpine climbing and ultimate frisbee, respectively. But the adventurous couple is on a quest to try new outdoor sports together. In 2017, they tried mountain biking for the first time. This time they’re giving packrafting a go.
  72. Back To The Summit: 94-year old Marcel Remy climbing the 450-meter tall north-west face of the legendary Miroir de l’Argentine in western Switzerland.
  73. When We Were Knights: How can you express everything that you want to somebody you love, knowing that if you don’t, that might be the last opportunity that you have? That is a reality for BASE jumpers, the risk of death sometimes results in something amazing and unexpected — love.
  74. Wild Coast: Two kayakers spend 10 days canoeing the most remote coast on the Great Lakes — 220km of undeveloped, wilderness shoreline.
  75. Paul’s Boots: We all have dreams. Paul’s dream was to hike the Appalachian Trail. Paul passed away before he could make his dream reality. But that was just the beginning of this story.
  76. I Just Want To Ride: Lael Wilcox loves the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. She loves climbing. It’s pass after pass. She loves the roads. They’re not too technical. She loves the landscapes. Traveling from Canada to Mexico, all on your bike. The Tour Divide, it’s her kind of race and she’s done it twice before.
  77. Unbreakable: The Western States 100 follows the four lead men on this amazing journey: Hal Koerner, Geoff Roes, Anton Krupicka, and Kilian Jornet.
  78. Wonderland: In 2015, Gary Robbins — a seasoned and successful ultrarunner — started at Longmire, in the shadow of Mount Rainier, and attempted to set the fastest known supported time around the Wonderland Trail.
  79. To The South Pole And Back: In 2014, Ben Saunders completed a four-month, 1,800-mile round trip journey from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back. Five weeks after his return, Saunders offers a raw, honest look at this “hubris”-tinged mission that brought him to the most difficult decision of his life.

    Traversing the Alps on a Mountain Bike.


  80. Traversing the Alps on a Mountain Bike: Three Norwegian mountain bikers try to cross the Alps from Slovenia to Switzerland. A journey with a lot of climbing, ice cream, hike-a-bike, crazy long days, incredible riding and beautiful scenery.
  81. Climbing Out: Going from rock bottom to the mountaintop, one woman’s journey
    from the streets to the top of one of the most challenging mountains in the lower 48.
  82. I’m Not Stopping: The Navad1000 is a 1,000km self-supported mountain bike race that climbs 30,000m through the Swiss Alps. Lael Wilcox chose the race as her first ultra-endurance competition in Europe, crossing nearly the entire country of Switzerland by bike.
  83. The Highway: Since the first time professional skier Stan Rey drove from Vancouver to Whistler 20 years ago, he’s had a dream of skiing the Tantalus Mountain Range. Visible from the highway but accessible only by helicopter, the Tantalus Range taunts serious skiers with its glaciated peaks.
  84. My Midsummer Morning: In 1935, a young Englishman arrived in Spain. He had never been overseas; had hardly ever left the quiet village where he grew up. His idea was to walk through the country, earning money for food by playing his violin in bars and plazas. Alastair Humphreys retraces that journey 80 years later.
  85. Can’t Ski Vegas: In search of ski lines, an alternative bachelor party (stag party) paddle down a remote river through the Yukon into British Columbia and Alaska.
  86. Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia: Released in 2014, the film Metanoia documents Jeff Lowe’s audacious and now legendary solo climb of the North Wall of the Eiger in 1991.
  87. The Curve Of Time: As the sport of freeskiing evolves, so do the athletes and products associated with it. At a time when climate change stares us in the face, Chris Rubens and Greg Hill contemplate how they can quench their thirst for adventure while being good stewards of the environment.
  88. Adventure Not War: Takes us into mountains of Iraq to reveal a seld-seen, beautiful underbelly in a place scarred with devastation.
  89. All Roads Lead To Scotland: The fickle conditions that define Scottish winter climbing frequently lead to frustration, but the prospect of discovering an obscure gem presents an irresistible allure to two British climbers.



  90. Holtanna: In 2009, four adventurers headed to Antarctica to ski, aid climb, snow kite, paraglide and Base jump.
  91. Mission Antarctic: An expedition to the world’s end, mixing navigation, mountaineering, snowboarding and wildlife.
  92. In Gora: A one-month trip aboard a camper bus: 6,000km, 13 countries crossed, 10 free riders, talks about local environmental issues and a lot of fun times along the way.
  93. Last Woman Standing: In 2019, mountain runner and breast cancer survivor Nicky Spinks attempted to become the first woman to complete The Barkley Marathons — the world’s toughest ultra-running race.
  94. Eclipse: A ski and film team set out on an expedition to realize photographer Reuben Krabbe’s vision to capture a single unique image — one of skiing during a solar eclipse.
  95. The Lifer: Russ Clune is an integral part of climbing’s humble beginnings in America. Recently, Sam Elias paid Clune a visit at his home in the Gunks, where he sampled the historic routes of the past.
  96. Being There: French polar guide Vincent Colliard and surfer Léa Brassy go on a lover’s adventure that combines both their passions.
  97. Foothills: The people of Petran, Turkey, have been snowboarding for roughly 300 years. Follow Alex Yoder and Nick Russell into Turkey’s Kaçkar Mountains on a quest to unearth the heritage of snowboarding in the country.
  98. Journey Beyond: In 2014, Marc Maurer started off in Cologne, Germany, and rode to Turkey. Upon arriving, he cancelled his return flight and decided to pedal back home.
  99. Pulled: A dogsledding experience. This real-time dogsled tour was filmed in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains outside Canmore.

Qilaat: A thought-provoking film about a unique dogsled expedition through the remote regions of East Greenland. Set among some of the most naturally diverse terrain anywhere in the world, the 190km journey not only becomes one of distance and discovery but a journey within.




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