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Galaxy Photographer’s Handbook and Planner


Galaxy Photographer’s Planner and Handbook is elegantly and practically designed and manufactured.
This handbook encompasses entire photography activities, from jotting down daily plans, keeping information about major photo events, holding a special logbook for your pictures, and beyond.

Apart from standard features such as calendar, planner and blank pages for notes this handbook holds forms for making exposure records, zone system records, location scouting records, and darkroom records. In addition to that, the notebook has a reference section that has informational capacity of photography textbook. In a convenient and concise form the notebook presents descriptions of development processes, chemistry, exposures and much more.

Galaxy Photographer’s Planner and Handbook is elegantly and practically designed and manufactured. It also feels great to the touch, so that you can get maximum enjoyment in daily usage. It is produced with the best materials and attention to every detail to ensure perfection.

• Portable size. 6.25 X 4 in (or 16 x 10 cm) Galaxy Photographer’s Planner and Handbook is small enough to take everywhere and large enough to make the records.

• A luxurious and sophisticated cover. Smooth, soft to the touch and durable cover in Deep Red or Obsidian Black leather. Elegant debossed Logo.

• Total 256 pages. Full of useful information and forms for your records.

• Thick, premium paper. The pages are made of high quality 80 gsm of bright white paper. Back side of front cover is made with 140 gsm of white paper.

• Elastic band. The red band that fits into a special indenture in cover nicely stitched alongside holds your planner tightly closed when you are on the move. The pages stay crisp and clean.

• Elastic pen holder. Keeps your pen handy.

• Bookmark ribbon. Use the ribbon to mark your current page or a favorite resource. Ribbons come in black or white.

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