Some troubles on Everest North for Mexican expedition

Luis Alvarez made it to summit, but get blinded, both Jorges become rescuers without summit.

Once again, as in 2011 in Lothse, Mexican Jorge Antonio Salazar Gavia, who was trying to reach the north side summit of Everest with no supplemental oxygen has aborted the push to become a rescuer. He, along with Jorge Hermosillo are in the no easy task to bring down their partner, Luis Alvarez and a member of another expedition who reached the summit, but became blind. That was the scenario in 2011 when Jorge Salazar decided to turn back just close to the summit seeing the time was running out on Lothse, but 2 other decided to go on and didn’t come back to camp 3 that night. They were found alive in the morning but with severe frostbites and one blinded. He and Benegas brothers helped them to descend and saved their lives. As of now, they may have reached camp 2. More info as I get it.

Carlos Belkotosky posted this on Luis Alvarez facebook page

“Today at 6:26am (

Estas son noticias que publicaron en un grupo de Alpinismo, esperemos que todos regresen con bien Patricia Arizmendi Nolasco…….. Domingo 7:30pm: Acaba de llamar Jorge Hermosillo no hizo cumbre ni siquiera me dijo si intento subir, pero un Armenio y Luis Alvarez (Mexicano) después de lograr cumbre bajan y no ven, se dañaron la retina y Jorge Hermosillo y Jorge Salazar (ambos Mexicanos) van a ayudar a bajarlos …….. Domingo 9:54 pm: La situación es “grave” porque están bajando a dos invidentes desde C3. Hasta C1 En el camino hay grietas y escalones, no esta fácil. Domingo 10:03 pm Ya vienen bajando todos…. Hora de México…… Jorge Hermosillo tiene ahora un nuevo objetivo, bajar a compañeros de Expedición …….. cambia la gloria de su segunda cumbre en el Everest por dos…

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