2018 Across the Frozen Baltic Sea From Sweden To Finland

Second attempt to cross the Baltic Sea From Sweden To Finland alone and self-supported

in February 2018 I will try, for the second time, the crossing of the frozen Baltic Sea, from Sweden to Finland, walking on the frozen sea on foot and skiing and swimming with a diving suit in the channels broken by icebreakers. alone and without any external assistance, self supported, no sponsors and no advertising of shoes or jackets. It is a dream of mine. I chase him for 3 years. in 2017, amid the Baltic Sea, I had to go back because of global warming. The ice was gone … only the open sea. A blow! It was not easy. For many months I have given up everything, sport and dreams … if God wants, 2018 will freeze and I will walk in balance, slowly, looking forward. Happiness is not a life without obstacles, but their overcoming. Good luck to everyone. Happy 2018.


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