Bargiel Video from K2 Summit

K2 Mountain
Andrzej Bargiel safely back at K2 Base Camp after making history. Photo: Red Bull

While Andrzej Bargiel climbed K2 this past weekend, then completed the first ski descent down its radically steep slopes, his brother Bartek — a professional drone operator — was filming the historic event from the air.

As noted in a previous ExWeb piece, Bartek’s footage had recently a hand in rescuing stricken climber Rick Allen, whom the drone located high on Broad Peak.

Yesterday, when his brother reached the top of K2 and strapped on his skis, preparing to hurtle downward, Bartek’s drone followed him to the very summit of K2, where it landed. This must surely be a record altitude for a drone flight.

On the Instagram post below, you can view the remarkable footage from the top of K2.

In addition, Red Bull has released a longer video cut and a selection of stills from the Bargiel team.

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Well, why am I, as a Pole, not that much surprised??? :))) As a biker too, I do not know how this adventure ? should be talked about…. Bravery? Craziness? What next? A bike?
WOW Andrzej!!!

Incredible!!! Redbull ambassadors are crazy 🙂