Everest North Side Partly Closed for Spring Cleaning

GArbage retrieved from Mount everest during a cleaning campaign in June, 2018
Yuck: Garbage on Everest North Side

It is high time, some have said, to clean the “world’s highest garbage dump“, aka Mount Everest. China is taking the black mark seriously enough to launch a series of measures to improve both the environment and the mountain’s image. After a 30-person cleaning squad retrieved 8.5 tonnes of rubbish, excrement and equipment last year, the government decided to ban diesel vehicles heading to Base Camp. Now, a major clean-up is slated for Everest’s north side this spring. This includes picking up all the usual suspects — cans, plastic bags, stove equipment, tents and oxygen tanks — plus more gruesomely, the dead bodies left above 8,000m.

Since the cleaning patrols need time and room to work, fewer climbers will be permitted this season — just under 300, a third less than last year. Those preparing for Everest North Side in the coming months should double-check if they’re still a go. Note that rescheduling to the autumn Himalayan season won’t be an option: 2019 climbs will run on the Chinese side in spring only.

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Bob Torraville

It’s about time the cleanup took place. Climbers need to be responsible for removing their own garbage.