Sherpa on Team Led by Polar Fake Dies on Cho Oyu

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The standard route up Cho Oyu, showing Camp 2, where the fatal accident occurred. Photo: Mark Horrell

The first death of the spring Himalayan season occurred earlier this week, when Phujung Bhote Sherpa fell into a crevasse while fixing rope near Camp 2 on Cho Oyu (8,188m), the sixth highest mountain in the world.

The Nepali was part of a five-man Sherpa team supporting 10 foreign climbers, led by German adventurer Martin Szwed.

Veteran readers of ExWeb may recognize Szwed’s name. In 2015, Szwed faked a South Pole solo speed record for the Hercules Inlet route. He later admitted that he had submitted false photo proof, and his record claims have been roundly dismissed as it was later shown he had not skied any of the route at all.

Murari Sharma, Managing Director at Everest Parivar Treks, the company providing Szwed and co. with logistics, said Phujung Bhote fell to his death on April 29 when fixing ropes to Camp 2 (7,100m).

Attempts are being made to retrieve Phujung Bhote’s body and return it to his family in the Makalu region of Nepal.

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R. I. P.


Why are you equating a false South Pole claim to the death of a Sherpa?

Steven Conrad