Everest Crowds, No-O2 Summits

8000ers Everest
Traffic jamps on Everest upper sections, May 22, 2019
This photo of Everest's jams has gone viral. Shot by Nirmal "Nims" Purba & team #ProjectPossible

Everest saw dozens more summits today, including several from the north side. While outfitters have reliably posted on their clients’ successes, info about the No-O2 climbers has been scarce, though not completely lacking: Elisabeth Revol of France summited without supplementary oxygen at 9.40am local time today.

Hers is the first French and one of the few female No-O2 Everest ascents. Reports suggest that she intends to climb Lhotse immediately afterward, but no details about her plans have been forthcoming.

Elisabeth Revol

Elisabeth Revol recently in Everest Base Camp. Photo: Valandre.com

This is Revol’s return to the 8000ers after her dramatic rescue on Nanga Parbat (Pakistan) two winters ago. Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko halted their own K2 expedtion to help Revol and her partner, Tomek Mackiewicz, who were in trouble in worsening weather. Revol ultimately survived; Mackiewicz did not.

More on the Everest front: We expect good news from Juan Pablo Mohr shortly. His GPS locator shows that he has summited and returned to Camp 4.

On the north side, Cory Richards and Esteban Mena have aborted their attempt to open a new route up the peak’s north face, but may try to give it another try before the season ends.

Finally, with oxygen and Sherpa support, but indeed very fast, Nirmal Purba summited Everest and Lhotse yesterday. Today, he flew to Base Camp at Makalu for yet another run to the top and back.

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2 years ago

From the text its implied that Nanga Parbat is in the Himalayans though its not.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ipgon

Nanga Parbat is very westerly in the Pakistan Himalaya.