Another Rescue for Denis “Red Cross” Urubko

8000ers Mountain
During the rescue of a Pakistani porter, led by Denis Urubko. Photo:

“It seems like a joke, but it is not,” Denis Urubko wrote, right after getting involved in — can you believe it? — yet another rescue. It’s his third in three days.

This time, a Pakistani porter ran into trouble in an icefall, reports. The Russian-language description of the event was brief and confusing, but the crisis ended happily.

Urubko was not the only aid worker: Sergi Mingote (again), an American, a Romanian, a Czech and several Pakistanis also lent a hand.

The rescuers: Denis Urubko (left) and Sergi Mingote. Photo: Sergi Mingote

It is uncertain whether Urubko still intends to open a new route on Gasherbrum II or will don a Red Cross uniform and devote himself full-time to rescuing others. We also don’t know whether Sergi Mingote, who helped Urubko on the previous rescue yesterday, is returning home immediately.

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Is there any information about the planned new line on G2 ?


He is a champion!


Denis, big hug to you!!! Thanks for helping those in need.


Feeling proud to have met you all this summer and even more looking at what you end up doing. Hope he’ll recover. Take care.

Circus clown

Commercial clowns would never have been able to do this.

Damien Francois

My utmost repsect, MONSIEUR Urubko!


simply incredible! hope conditions will allow a safe ascent for him!